Three new features in iOS 16.4 that are worth updating immediately

iOS “point updates” are distinctly different: there are those that don’t seem to change much, and those that bring a bunch of interesting new features to your iPhone. iOS 16.4, due out early to mid-next week, is among the latter. New security updates are usually a good reason to update your iPhone right away, but … Read more

AMD, motherboards, coating… The Framework Laptop 13 is full of new features

Framework continues its merry way by announcing several new features to correct the defects of its Laptop 13. Thus the company will offer a new battery capacity, going from 54 Wh to 61 Wh; it was indeed one of the weak points of the Laptop 13, whose autonomy struggled to exceed six hours of use. … Read more

WhatsApp launches new Windows app and group features

March 23, 2023 – Whatsapp makes group privacy settings easier for group administrators. In addition, Messenger offers a new Windows app for download. Whatsapp aims to make group admins easier to manage and privacy settings for the group. This will be in a blog post communicated. This is implemented with a new tool that allows … Read more

Look at 3 new features in iOS 16.4, what are they worth using? – DailyGizmo

After Apple released iOS 16.4 for developers to test. Expect a general user update next week. Let’s see what new features are added in this version. New Home architecture Earlier, Apple released a new home page architecture in iOS 16.2, but it was removed shortly thereafter. Recently, this feature has returned in iOS 16.4. But … Read more

To K. Lavrinović’s son Daniel – 16th: “When it comes to features, he inherited his mother’s head, not mine” | Names

Retired basketball player Kšištofs Lavrinović congratulated his son Daniel on his birthday on March 9. He turned 16 this year. As he told the portal People.ltthe family did not organize a big celebration. “We mentioned calmly because there was no time. He was supposed to go to a basketball tournament on his birthday, so we … Read more

Tired of PowerPoint or Excel? Microsoft Uses AI Features for an Easier Work Experience

Text: Alissa WiranovaPhoto: TechCrunch Last Thursday, through its official blog, Microsoft has just announced the launch of the latest features based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) titled ‘Microsoft 365 Copilot’. With tagline in the form of ‘your copilot for work’ This latest AI feature will later be integrated with Microsoft 365. Using large language models (LLMs), … Read more

3 new features of iOS 16.4 that will make you want to download it now on your iPhone

Apple hasn’t released the official version of iOS 16.4 yet, but these features will make you wish you had it now. Apple will release iOS 16.4 next week join the conversation Apple has released the final beta version of iOS 16.4, indicating that the release of the official version of iOS 16.4 is getting closer. … Read more

WhatsApp New Features Make it Easy for Admins to Manage Group Members

Jakarta – WhatsApp announced two new features to enhance the browsing experience group. One of the features that makes it easier for admins to control who is allowed to join the group. In its blog post, WhatsApp said it wanted to give more control for admins to maintain the privacy of their groups. Because of … Read more