Three amazing features that WhatsApp should add to compete with “Message”

WhatsApp has always struggled to be the texting app of choice for many, but there are still some improvements and features that make the app even better. Here are 3 must-have features of WhatsApp that give it an edge over prominent competitors such as Apple’s “iMessage”, according to the British newspaper The Sun: Text editingWhatsApp … Read more

The 3 new features coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp updates its privacy policy 1:01 (CNN Spanish) — WhatsApp presented this Tuesday several privacy updates in the messaging application. “At WhatsApp, privacy is in our DNA, and we will never stop creating new ways to protect your personal conversations,” the company said in a blog post. Credit: WhatsApp “Today, we’re excited to introduce several … Read more

Competition with iMessage.. Three features on WhatsApp to be added now

7 – August – 2022 Last update: August 7, 2022 6:02 PM WhatsApp and iMessage apps WhatsApp seeks to be the preferred messaging platform for users, by adding many updates and features that make the user experience better and more enjoyable. In this context, the British Sun newspaper talked about three new features that WhatsApp … Read more

More capabilities and features for data center SSDs

on 08/08/2022, by Andy Patrizio, IDG NS (adapted by Jean Elyan), Infrastructure629 mots Compared to consumer versions, SSDs for servers and storage arrays are always faster and denser with more features. There’s never a dull moment in the enterprise SSD market. Samsung, Micron and Kioxia have delivered three products worth checking out. A Computational Storage … Read more

Premium Scooter 180 cc Market Destroyer Yamaha NMax and Honda PCX Launches! Comparable Performance and Features

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How to choose a cell phone at an affordable price, but with top-notch features?

Nowadays, a very wide market of mobile and cellular devices can be found available. However, many times, these devices are not at such affordable prices if they are of good quality, so it becomes more complicated to choose a cell phone that meets our expectations and needs and that can also be purchased. at a … Read more

Windows 11 version 22H2: new features, release date and compatibility

For the first anniversary of Windows 11, Microsoft is preparing a major update to its system. Here are the expected new features for Windows 11 version 22H2 and what you need to know. Source : HP After the Windows 11 launch in October 2021, Microsoft is preparing an important update for the operating system. Downloadable … Read more

Tutorial on How to Create Instagram Groups in Direct Messages and Stories, Fun IG Features to Try

DIY NEWS – Listen tutorial cara make group conversation in Direct Message (DM) Instagram also group the Story Instagram. This is one feature from Instagram which is fun for you to try. Make group conversations such as on WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Telegeram can also be done on Facebook Instagram. Fun to make group conversation in … Read more

Edifier Stax Spirit S3 flat headphones sound great but lack features

Edifier’s Stax Spirit S3 Planar Headphones deliver exceptional sound in a way that differs from traditional headphones. Rather than using cone-shaped speakers in each earcup, these flat-panel headphones use magnets on either side of a membrane sheet to produce sound. The result is a clear, even sound with greater separation across a wider frequency range. … Read more

New Honda Supra X 125 Price 2022: Modern Duck Motorcycle, Equipped with Charger Port and Other Features

COPPER – The presence of motorcycles today is not just a ride, some feature pinned to support motorist activities, one of which is port charger. Well, embedding port charger not only in automatic motorcycles, but in moped New Honda Supra X 125 is also available. The charger port serves to charge the driver’s cellphone, which … Read more