When something is wrong with the telco bill

Error in the invoice? I’ll call right away: If there is obviously something wrong with the bill, consumers shouldn’t hesitate to contact their cell phone or landline provider. Photo: Christin Klose / dpa-tmn (Photo: dpa) In such cases, experts recommend submitting complaints in writing and documenting all steps. In general, it is advisable to check … Read more

DHL packages will cost less from May

Good news for people who send parcels: Deutsche Post is withdrawing the price increases from early January after massive criticism, DHL parcels will then cost as much again as they did at the end of 2019. Especially people who send parcels frequently can look forward to May 1st: After criticism from the Federal Network Agency … Read more

This is how much the number portability can cost

From now on it is much cheaper to take the number with you. Since April 20, 2020, mobile operators have only been able to charge their former customers a fraction of the costs they have previously charged for porting the old cell phone number to the new provider. Because the Federal Network Agency has capped … Read more

Federal Network Agency is considering penalties for poor network

Fast mobile internet, whether on the train or at home: This was the promise of the network operators for 2020. But that the expansion goals will actually be achieved by the end of the year seems increasingly unrealistic. The Federal Network Agency is now considering fines. If the mobile network operators do not catch up … Read more