“To feed my 6 cats I eat once a week and I only drink tea”. The dramatic choice of an unemployed woman

A woman has decided, forced by circumstances and by her precarious economic conditions, to drink only mint tea and eat one meal a week to feed herself. “Only in this way can I feed my six cats”. Yasemn Kaptan, who lives in Tottenham, London, said that this – in the last 12 months – has … Read more

“The production studios are understaffed”

How do you view the dynamics of the job market in the field of animation in Morocco compared to other countries? In other words, is there enough supply and demand for skills in the market? Today, the dynamics of employment in this sector is in the start-up phase in Morocco compared to other countries, notably … Read more

Animated film: An industry in search of skills

Since national television channels embarked on the production of animated films, given the enormous potential that this industry holds in several countries, professionals have seen new challenges arise consisting mainly of constraints linked in particular to the lack of resources qualified human. Hence their focus on investment in training in order to have the talents … Read more

This dream which inaugurates the artist

Winner of the “Dream Artist” show broadcast on 2M at the end of 2022, the young photographer Mourad Fedouach inaugurated his very first exhibition “From Douar Shanty to New York”, on Friday March 10 at the American Arts Center in Casablanca. Mourad Fedouach, only 23 years old and from the douar of Sidi Yahya Gharb, … Read more

Ach Couture, all in softness and refinement

Siham Achouba and Fatiha Legmiri, two artists at heart, have always known that they would work with the fabrics, threads, embroidery, colors and patterns to which they have a real passion. Today, with a lot of ambition and goodwill, they gave life, in January, to “Ach Couture”, their brand which offers personalized traditional creations highlighting … Read more

Vision, prostate, intestine… focus on Nutravya innovations

Small everyday hassles such as bloating, a need to urinate frequently, tightness in the eyes or joints that lack flexibility are markers that can alert you to the body’s state of health. The body reacts easily depending on the quality of life, but also on the food it ingests. So how do you promote your … Read more

“Don’t feed my animals anymore”: a breeder’s cry of alarm after the death of 9 sheep in 3 years (video)

Feeding wild animals or animals grazing along the roads, this seemingly innocuous gesture, often marked by good intentions, can have dramatic consequences. Beyond the disorders, mainly digestive, that they cause, certain foods such as bread are potentially fatal for horses, ducks, birds and other sheep. Adhémar Pottiez, a resident of Leuze, has again had the … Read more

Germany trumps France

In the race for green hydrogen, France is trying to carve out a place for itself in Morocco. On March 6, the hydrogen task force of the French employers’ organization MEDEF visited the Kingdom to discuss opportunities for collaboration in this area. Led by Valérie Levkov, Director of Africa, Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean of … Read more