Urgant and Gudkov came out after all the hate: “You stop being afraid, there is no inner feeling of fear”

The video with this phrase was published on his personal page by Maxim Leonidov, one of the creators of the musical. He personally came to one of the productions to evaluate the result. Urgant in his speech noted that he grew up on the songs of Maxim Leonidov. Moreover, few people know, but it was … Read more

Constant feeling of hunger? This ingredient could be the cause

A biscuit between breakfast and lunch, a bag of chips while cooking and of course some chocolate for the evening. We snack a bit one day – which, by the way, can also be done in a healthy way. Do you also suffer from a constant feeling of hunger? This ingredient may be the culprit. … Read more

Australian Open | Krejčíková in euphoria. Great feeling! The triumph in the Rod Laver Arena thrilled her

“I felt great. It was a special opportunity for me to play again in such a stadium. I really enjoyed it, from the first to the last ball. It was a lot of fun and I think that was also evident in my performance,” praised the winner of the French Open. She was pleased to … Read more

Feeling Played by Akulaku Party

Good morning Consumer Media. I want to tell you about Akulaku, which I feel was played by Akulaku. Why? Because in my Akulaku account, I have a limit, it’s just that it can’t be used for installment shopping. I have complained many times to Akulaku, but there is absolutely no solution. CS Akulaku only told … Read more

Big Green admits to having ‘bad feeling’ about staying with Warriors

In a recent interview, Green bluntly said that he had a bad feeling about staying in the Warriors. (Photo / Dazhi Image Associated Press) The NBA Golden State Warriors have won 4 championships in the past 8 years. As the veteran of 4 championships, “Draymond Green” Green (Draymond Green) originally wanted to seek a maximum … Read more

Marion Norbert Riberolle bursts into tears after a bad luck at BK cyclocross: “A feeling I’ve never had”

Beforehand she was the biggest challenger for Sanne Cant, but Marion Norbert Riberolle could never fulfill that ambition at the Belgian cyclo-cross championship in Lokeren. The BC turned out to be a downright nightmare for the former Frenchwoman. She stopped in the first lap with chain problems and could never compete for the victory. Afterwards … Read more

What Mugur Mihăescu did to Mihai Bendeac on a terrace in Bucharest! “Such a feeling…” • Good morning Iasi • BZI.ro

Mihai Bendeac left the show iUmor after during the breaks during filming for the 13th season editions, the actor would have imitated Mugur Mihăescu, and the producers insisted that the images with him be broadcast on TV, the idea that made the juror to resign! “This is a joke! I’m on my free time and … Read more

Treating the damaged brain with artificial tissue

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> of the USA San Diego Professor at the University of California, City of California. Dr. Feeling and his team succeeded in producing brain organoids using stem cells from human skin and transplanting them into mice. The transplant, which is a first in the history of medicine, is seen as an important success in the … Read more

V. Žala: after the first week, there was a feeling that our Dakar might end like this

“Our Dakar 2023 is over. A truck with a spare gearbox got stuck in the dunes. We finished second twice, all finishes in the top ten. It’s good at least that we still have gunpowder,” Vaidotas Žala announced on Friday morning. In a later comment, Vaidot said: “After the first week, there was a feeling … Read more

Feeling loved or happy in adolescence can lead to better health in adulthood

Love your teenagers, they will thank you! A new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that young people who feel loved, experience optimism, happiness, esteem, and more. become thirtysomethings in good cardiometabolic health. “We have learned a lot over the past few decades about the impact of discrimination and other … Read more