With the focus on the cinema Fernando Allende | Stage

Fernando Allende has again established himself in Puerto Rico, from where he refines “his masterpiece” for the cinema and co-produces the new edition of Miss World of Puerto Rico, which he will also animate. The restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic gave him the necessary space to finish the script for his film Dream Dance. … Read more

Fernando Uribe Junior Millionaire options offers Turkey Korea for season 2021 | Colombians Abroad

Luis Carlos Serrano, representative of Fernando Uribe, told in dialogue with the Carousel of Caracol Radio that his player has no offers in Colombian football and that after rejecting that of Barcelona in Ecuador, the closest thing is for him to be signed into Turkish football or in Korea, from where proposals did arrive. And … Read more

Fernando Uribe: “The closest thing is Turkey”: representative of Fernando Uribe | sports

In conversation with Carrusel Caracol, Fernando Uribe’s representative, Luis Carlos Serrano, spoke about the player’s chances of reaching a Colombian team, although revealed that the closest thing currently is to go to Turkey. Read also: “Fernando now has offers from Turkey and Korea. The most likely thing is Turkey “, said. In addition, he explained … Read more

Fernando Duclós: I try to find stories that overcome the immediacy to which the world leads us

The Argentine journalist Fernando Duclós gathers in his book “Periodistán. An Argentinean on the Silk Road”, the backstage of a legendary journey, as disturbing as it is dreamed, from the Balkans to the Arabian Peninsula, with which he captured thousands of readers through his Twitter account, stories with which he tries to “overcome the immediacy … Read more

They confirm Barcelona approaches with Fernando Uribe

Colombian striker Fernando Uribe is in talks with Barcelona for the 2021 season, according to his representative Luis Carlos Serrano. “We are in talks, it is a good option, and even more so, being the champion of that country, it would be a good moment for him,” Serrano said in dialogue with the Colombian newspaper … Read more

Fernando Vázquez trusts to reach ‘a better, safer Deportivo and if possible with a more attractive football’

News: Actualidad / OSNOSOS / COVER Fernando Vázquez hopes to reach “a better, safer Deportivo and if possible with a more attractive football” Fernando Vázquez stated in the Abegondo press room that “the team is well, confident, safe. We are returning to a competition in which everyone considers us favorites. We have to know how … Read more

El Telégrafo – Fernando Gaibor explains why he would play in Barcelona

Fernando Gaibor will not play with Emelec in this season 2021. The four-time champion with the blues sounds to reinforce League of Quito O Barcelona and this brought discomfort in the fans of the ‘light bulb’. The containment flyer exploded due to the constant insults he received on his social networks by Emelecs fans who … Read more

Fernando Colunga: the actor’s 10 best soap operas | Maria Mercedes | The usurper | Marimar | María la del barrio nnda nnlt | FAME

Fernando Colunga He is considered one of the most successful and popular actors on Mexican television. His talent, charisma and versatility made him win the affection of the public and build a remarkable artistic career, standing out for his work in telenovelas, which allowed him to break through into the entertainment industry in Latin America … Read more

Fabián Bustos asked Joao Ortiz and Fernando Gaibor for Barcelona 2021

Fabian Bustos, DT of champion with Barcelona in 2020, confirmed that he left a list of players to reinforce the Canarian squad for the 2021 season. The names of Fernando Gaibor and Joao Ortiz, as indicated by the same Argentine strategist. In an interview with Radio Huancavilca, from Guayaquil, the gaucho coach first assured this … Read more

San Fernando redacta begins to draft its Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy

SAN FERNANDO (CÁDIZ), 3 (EUROPA PRESS) The City Council of San Fernando (Cádiz) has already commissioned the drafting of the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy, thus complying with the commitments of the Urban Agenda 2030 and with the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (PACE) . This is highlighted by the City … Read more