Formula 1 | Domenicali expects Ferrari and Mercedes F1 comeback

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali doesn’t think the 2022 Formula 1 season has tilted definitively in favor of Max Verstappen and Red Bull. The Italian recalls that Ferrari had taken control at the start of the season, to the point that even the Dutchman no longer believed in it. “If you remember after three races of … Read more

Do you want to bet on Leclerca and Ferrari? You leave empty-handed, says Ecclestone –

“Together with many people, I hoped that Ferrari would succeed again after more than 14 years,” Bernie Ecclestone told the Swiss daily Blick. “I’m sorry to say that anyone who continues to bet on Ferrari or Leclerca will leave empty-handed!” “Ferrari has flaws again, reliability is often reminiscent of the old days, and the drivers … Read more

TikTok, Celebrity | Jessy (27) gets harsh accusations on TikTok: – Like putting a Ferrari brand on a Honda

If you’ve been to TikTok in the last year, you’re guaranteed to come across video clips of young women going from unmade to make up through the few seconds the short videos last. One of those who has garnered millions of likes for just that is Jessy Volk (27) from Saskatchewan in Canada. Also read: … Read more

Leclerc Pede Can Overtake Verstappen Points in Remaining 2022 F1 Season

Jakarta – Charles Leclerc being 49 points behind Max Verstappen in the title race Formula 1 2022. Even so, rider Ferrari it is optimistic to overtake the reigning champions at the end of the season. After winning the Australian GP in April, Leclerc won just one more podium in the next six races despite taking … Read more

Formula 1 | Verstappen: Hard to explain why Ferrari was faster in the race

Since the start of the season, Ferrari have generally performed better in qualifying than in the race, while their rivals, Red Bull, tend to be a little further back in the fight for pole position but often quicker on Sundays. But the Grand Prix of Canada will have given another scenario: it was Max Verstappen … Read more

Ferrari will not rush to switch to electric cars and will keep the hybrids in the range

Last week, Ferrari executives spoke about how the legendary Italian brand intends to grow the business by moving to electric cars. The latter, as can be seen from the company’s plans, are not as indisputable a choice as some competitors are trying to make. At least until 2030. Ferrari will retain up to 40% of … Read more

Leclerc received a penalty, he will start the best eleven at the Canadian Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc during the Grand Prix qualification. | photo: AP <!—-> Due to the Leclerc engine, he did not finish two of the last races and drove because of the lead in the ampion. The Monack rider, who triumphed in the water of the season in Bahrain and Australia, rode empty in Spain and zerbjdn. … Read more

Leclerc has no idea when Ferrari will be able to solve reliability problems –

Charles Leclerc (5./2.) In addition to the training results, the Monaco rider dealt with questions about the reliability of Ferrari on Friday. Also due to outages, Scuderia is now losing significantly to Red Bull. “We know how fast the car is. That calms us down a bit. We also realize that we have been bothered … Read more

The car, which can drive for free, goes into production. Lightyear 0 but stands like Ferrari

Originally it was supposed to start last year, in the end the production version of the first solar car will show up on the threshold of this summer. The Dutch Lightyear has completed a six-year development of a car that, in ideal conditions, can also drive for free, only thanks to the sun’s rays. However, … Read more

Leclerc prepares for penalty after Ferrari declares engine irreparable

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc faces a penalty for delaying the start, possibly at the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday, after his team declared the car’s engine beyond repair after ending its hopes in the last Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Ferrari said the power unit was badly damaged beyond repair and the problem may be related to a … Read more