Fiancé Íñigo Onieva acknowledges infidelity and apologizes

And it is that, after the videos of Íñigo kissing the woman in question were released, she was identified as a Portuguese model who lives in New York, and who shared images of the recent edition of the festival Burning Manwhich took place a few days ago in the Nevada desert (where by the way … Read more

Teacher who killed Famalicão’s fiancé detained by PJ in Cape Verde

The 41-year-old Portuguese woman who was sentenced to 17 years in prison for the death of her ex-boyfriend was detained by the judicial authorities and the Judiciary Police of Cabo Verde, in conjunction with the Portuguese PJ. The teacher is convicted of the crime of qualified homicide, which took place on December 24, 2016 in … Read more

American presenter committed suicide in the house she bought with her fiancé seven weeks after getting married | suicide | Wisconsin | News presenter | noads | WORLD

Surprise, sadness and concern take over the community of Wisconsin after last weekend the sad news of the death of a journalist local, 27, identified as Neena Pacholke, who, in the midst of a depressive episode, would have decided to put end of his life. The news presenter committed suicide after her fiancé broke up … Read more

Simona Burbaitė and her fiance gained experience at the most famous festival “Tomorrowland”

Getting to the festival, which has been held in Beaume (Belgium) since 2005, is not easy. Music lovers who are thirsty for exceptional experiences grab the tickets instantly, but S. Burbaita did not have to worry about that. She cooperates with a soft drink company, which offered to go to this festival. “We lived in … Read more

Who is Rajwa al-Saif, Saudi Arabian Fiancee to the Crown Prince of Jordan?

loading… Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, Crown Prince of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, engaged to a Saudi Arabian woman; Rajwa Khalid bin Musaed bin Saif bin Abdulaziz al-Saif, in Riyadh, last night. Photo/Royal Hashemite Court AMMAN – Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, Crown Prince of the Hashemite Kingdom Jordan , has celebrated … Read more

Monisha Opens Up About Split With Fiance: ‘I Accepted It As A Painful Gift’ | Names

That Monisha Modesta Butautytė and her ex-lover Robertas will never get off the wedding, in an interview with the portal 15min confirmed by the artist herself. “We broke up a year ago, in July 2021,” she admitted. Personal album photo/Monisha Modesta Butautytė Differences became apparent According to the interviewee, this period was emotionally very difficult … Read more

Surprise in the accident of the murder of a girl in Kafr al-Dawwar.. Her fiancé was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by the accused (details)

she decided Kafr El Dawar Center Prosecution In Beheira Governorate, the accused and the fiancé of the victim were imprisoned for 4 days pending investigations The accident of the killing of a girl in Kafr al-Dawwar The accused is charged with murder, and the victim’s fiancé is charged with kidnapping and indecent assault. Investigations by … Read more

Is Kim Jong-min finally getting married? Fiancé “I have” remarks suggesting marriage

Photo = Naver Now, TV Chosun Broadcaster Kim Jong-min, who turned 44 this year, sparked rumors of an imminent marriage. When Kim Jong-min’s closest aide, Kang Ho-dong, asked if she was fiance, he answered “yes”, drawing attention to Kim Jong-min’s marriage. Naver NOW aired on August 3rd. Kim Jong-min appeared as the ninth guest on … Read more

A young man kills his girlfriend’s fiancé in the lake… and the cassation orders his execution

lock down Court of CassationToday, Tuesday, the curtain on the murder case of a young man and the disposal of his body in a bank in the lakeThe accused was sentenced to death by hanging and his friend was sentenced to 10 years in prison, for his participation in the crime. The Abu al-Matamir police … Read more