How does Nasrina deal as a mother-in-law with her son’s fiancée? (video)

10:39 PM Thursday, December 22, 2022 Cairo- Masrawy: The artist, Nesrina, said that she has two young men, the eldest of whom has completed his education and works, in addition to that he recently got engaged. In her interview with Kalam Al-Nas program, Nisrina revealed her way of dealing as a mother-in-law for her son’s … Read more

The sad confession of Marek Fašiang’s fiancee: She admitted problems!

Not every new mother is lucky enough to blossom with love and joy after giving birth, which she spreads all around. Model Tereza Bizíková decided to go to the market with leather and spoke about a sensitive topic. The fiancee of the actor and presenter Marek Fašiang already at birthday video of their daughter Olívia … Read more

The farmer is looking for a wife 9. Adrianna – Michał’s fiancée in the new version. Her photos sparked a discussion online

Participation in the program Farmer Wants a Wife brings participants great popularity on the Internet. This is used by Adrianna Jasiaczek from Łódź, who in the program became involved with Michał from Kalinówka-Basie (Zambrów poviat). The 20-year-old increasingly posts photos on Instagram and causes discussions among fans. In the last edition of Farmer is looking … Read more

Petrosyan’s fiancee was naked on the beach

From under the cut on a thin tunic, bare breasts appeared, not constrained by either a bodice from a swimsuit or a supportive top. At the same time, the artist’s wife noted that he chose this particular frame, and not the more modest previous one. Fans noted the agility of Evgeny Vaganovich, who knows a … Read more

Filip Chajzer posed with his fiancée. They celebrated their birthday together

Filip Chajzer has recently been in the media spotlight. There were rumors that the journalist was engaged to Julia, 13 years younger. The couple has only known each other for a few months – the feeling was so strong that they moved in together and it is already known that they want to go through … Read more

Joanna Krupa, stepfather Andziaks with his beloved 40 years younger and Rzeźniczak’s fiancée celebrate Krzysztof Gojdzia’s 50th birthday in Miami (PHOTOS)

Christopher Gojdz has been living and working in the United States for several years. Known for his sharp tongue (and rare pressure on glass), the doctor fought for a long time to shine in the celebrity firmament. And he got what he wanted: he got his own TV show about plastic surgery, and in addition, … Read more

Bad Bunny in Lima TikTok: Young man who asked for a hand in concert kissed another woman with a “Shark” in front of his fiancée Viral VIDEO | SHOWS

WHAT WAS IT? A couple caused a stir in the middle of a concert Bad Bunny the last Sunday, November 13 to get engaged. The romantic scene went viral on social networks, especially because the young man took out the ring and knelt next to the public toilets. However, another detail has become known: the … Read more

Dolph Lundgren, who appeared in public with his 25-year-old fiancee, confused fans: the celebrity walked with the help of a stick

The 64-year-old actor of the movie “Rocky IV” (Rocky IV) was wearing black sweatpants and only one shoe while going to the restaurant – the foot of the other leg was in a cast, writes Dolph revealed that he had ankle surgery in August due to a leg injury sustained in the military. He … Read more

The fiancée of Marc Labrèche RAYS on this new photo

«The beautiful JENNIFER 💋Glam look, sleek wavy for a beautiful day ⭐️Hair by me spray , laque fine , conditionning fluid )@dysonhair @dysonhairpro•Makeup @ameliebruneaulongpre 💄•#hair #hairstyle #hairstyles #sleeklook #glamlook #sleekhair #hairgoals #hairideas #wavyhair #makeup #montreal #shine #makeupartist #style #art #hairstylist #hairdresser #hairstylists #hairdressers», reveals Andrew. No doubt, she is gorgeous! Jennifer recently unveiled the new orange wine Not Wisein the company of his friends and his lover.