Gábor Kubatov revealed why Fidesz would win again

Our silent revolution is the peace process, which is a rebellion against abnormality, the executive vice president of Fidesz said at the party’s 29th inaugural congress in Budapest on Sunday. Gábor Kubatov he called it the absurd of the decade that Ferenc Gyurcsány the leader of the left, “After the autumn, after the bankrupt Hungarian … Read more

A Fidesz MP admitted that the Defense government had purchased a Pegasus spy program

The government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has so far refused to confirm that Pegasus, he used, was noted by the AFP agency. Vice-Chairman Fideszu and Lajos Kósa, head of the parliamentary committee on defense and law enforcement, confirmed the purchase of the software to journalists after Thursday’s committee meeting. At the same time, he … Read more

Index – Belföld – Ákos Hadházy: The Peace Procession is as civil as I am Pope

The government official discovered by Ákos Hadházy, who recruited participants for the Peace March via the telephone number of a state-owned company on behalf of the Fidesz Tolna County organization, was fired, RTL Klub Híradója reported. On October 23 again are retained the event called the Peace Procession in Budapest, about which the organizers, the … Read more

“I vote, but not the pre-selection really excites, we need a change, otherwise we will starve to death”

Is there an agreement between Fidesz and the MSZP, as was previously said in a secret recording? – we were looking for the answer to this in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, where the majority of locals heard about the campaign scandal and many believe in dirty bargains. Pre-election report from Nyírség, where the atmosphere among the opposition … Read more

Index – Domestic – Even a significant proportion of Fidesz voters are in favor of Christmas on this issue

There are also many supporters of measures to improve car transport in the capital on the right, but the blockade of the World Athletics Championships divides people, according to a survey by the Public Institute. His popular word made for. The survey shows that one in two Fidesz voters agreed with the “congestion removal” program … Read more

Index – Domestic – In 130 months, 130 million forints campaigned in the social media against Gergely Karácsony

From mid-May to mid-August, Fidesz and its affiliated channels spent HUF 125.7 million on political advertising on Facebook and HUF 52.5 million on YouTube, writes Telex referring to the analysis in their possession. Of this, the total amount on YouTube, on Facebook was 77 million forints for the communication against Gergely Karácsony, one of the … Read more

Mouth sues over photos published in Blikk

József Szájer, Vice-President of the European People’s Party, will give a speech at the opening of the temporary exhibition First Free at the House of Terror Museum in Budapest on June 15, 2015. Photo: Koszticsák Szilárd / MTI / MTVA József Szájer on his website announcedto initiate legal proceedings after Blikk posted photos of him, … Read more

Median: A quarter of Fidesz voters oppose the homophobic law

Homophobic law completely divides society, according to a recent Median survey. Roughly half the proportion of supporters and rejectors for society as a whole. A quarter of Fidesz people reject the law, while a little more opposition supports it. László Kövér’s words, on the other hand, were not understood: the chairman of the national board … Read more

Literary greats could disappear from the curriculum, Hungarian publishers warn. The works threaten the ban on sexual education

The standard approved by the Hungarian legislators is aimed at pedophilia. At the same time, it makes it impossible, among other things, to raise awareness of sexual minorities in schools. Activists and human rights organizations point out that the amendment to the law discriminates against the LGBT + community when it also includes amendments that … Read more

Népszava: German companies have also been bailed out by the anti-gay pedophile law

Not only the society and the human rights defenders are protesting, but the German law operating in Hungary has also caused outrage among the government and the bill passed by Jobbik, and several German multi-leaders are considering steps in response. His popular word. According to a German source, “Viktor Orbán needs to know how much … Read more