4 Tips for Intimate Relationships to Stay Fiery Even After Long Married, Couples Get Closer!

SOREANG JOURNAL – 4 Tips sexual intercourse still fiery even though it’s been a long time marrycouple husband wife must know Long-term marriages tend to be associated with sexual intercourse which is no more enthusiastic. So what can make sexual intercourse still felt fiery and enthusiastic even though it’s been a long time marry? Also … Read more

Lewandowski challenges Real Madrid and Benzema with 5 fiery messages

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free Polish Robert Lewandowski raised the banner of challenge in the face of Real Madrid and its French star Karim Benzema, after he was officially presented as a player in Barcelona. Barcelona presented Lewandowski to the fans at the “Spotify Camp Nou” stadium, where the player appeared in … Read more

Fiery confessions.. Nahla Salama her husband asked her for something on the wedding night, so she asked for a divorce immediately.. She will not believe what she revealed without shame!!

The famous artist, Nahla Farouk Salama, grew up in a family saturated with art since her early childhood. Why not, her father is musician Farouk Salama, and her mother is a dancer, Nawal al-Saghir. Her uncle, the musician Jamal Salama, however, chose a different path for herself in art, which is acting. Salama, who was … Read more

She crossed all the limits of shame.. a very beautiful famous artist who makes bold and fiery confessions.. I sleep with my husband 10 times a day and crave more.. you won’t believe who she is!!

In exciting confessions, and according to what was reported by Arab and foreign news sites, a famous actress said that she was sleeping with her husband 10 times a day, in search of pregnancy and childbirth. and motherhood. And she continued, in statements to TV presenter Sabrina Sato on YouTube: “I got pregnant after two … Read more

Actress Yousra: She breaks her silence and makes a very fiery confession.. I slept with the artist Adel Imam and I was very happy all the time with him and I wanted to marry him..!

The Egyptian star Yousra confirmed, during her hosting on the Sahranin program, with the artist Amir Karara, and with her the artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, that the scenes of the work of the leader, Adel Imam, is fun and full of laughter and jokes. The artist, Yousra, described Adel Imam as: “Explaining and making people happy … Read more

Fiery confessions .. Nabila Obaid revealed – without shame – a shocking concession she made to this director to enter the artistic field!

The Egyptian actress, Nabila Obeid, was associated with the late director Atef Salem, at the beginning of her artistic life, despite his being about 40 years older than her. Nabila Obeid told about the first situation that brought them together during the “Najm Al Arab” program, and she was a student in the first year … Read more

A psychological consultant makes fiery statements: (Saudi women prefer to marry men from this country more than others) ..!

A psychological and family consultant said that it was not surprising that some Saudi women would marry foreigners, revealing that Egyptians preferred the preferences of women who interacted with them. The psychological and family consultant, Dr. Zahra Al-Maabi, indicated that she encourages the marriage of Saudi women to foreigners, especially in light of the new … Read more

Actress Ilham Shaheen … reveals the hidden story of the movie “Helfoot” and how the leader Adel Imam did not stop in the fiery scenes with her except with the intervention of the director.!!

When the actress Ilham Shaheen was asked about the first credit for her stardom, the answer was decisive, and it was the leader Adel Imam for her to play the starring role in front of him in the movie “Helfoot.” And that she considered herself a TV star before the movie “Helfoot”, but after this … Read more

Felix received fiery tribute for Nike settlement – ended his career with bronze – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

The super veteran plunged into the turn on the 2nd stage of the 400-meter relay to standing ovations. All eyes around Hayward Field were focused on Allyson Felix at the end of the World Cup’s first night. 18 years of medal guarantee was against the United States. The relay ended with gold for the Dominican … Read more

After Fiery Speech Threatens Russia, British Prime Minister Candidate Truss Gets Lost Looking for an Exit Door

loading… British PM candidate Liz Truss after a speech confused looking for a door out of the room. Photos/REUTERS LONDON – After the various campaign errors that occurred, things got worse. British Prime Minister candidate Liz Truss couldn’t help the embarrassed look that crossed her face as she realized she was taking the wrong path … Read more