Fighter jets land on the highway

Now Finland has closed part of the highway in Joutsa to use it as a landing strip for military fighters. For five days, the fighters will practice landing and taking off from the motorway. According to Reuters Finland has twelve road sections that will be reserve airports. It is the first time in decades that … Read more

Combat Airplanes Flying in the Sky of Jakarta This Morning, What’s Up?

Jakarta – Amount fighter seen flying back and forth in the sky of Jakarta this morning. What is it? Monitoring in South Jakarta, Friday (9/30/2022), there was a fighter plane that flew from the south to the north at around 09.00 WIB. Not long after, another plane also followed. In addition, a number of … Read more

The Chronology of Bomb Threats on Singapore Airlines Until Being Escorted by Fighter Jets

Jakarta – There’s a bomb threat inside Singapore Airlines yesterday. The Singapore government deployed fighter jets and arrested one passenger. Reported Channel News Asia, Thursday (29/9/2022), a bomb threat aboard Singapore Airlines was reported to have occurred on Wednesday (28/9) at around 02:04 am local time. A bomb threat occurred aboard a Singapore Airlines flight … Read more

Passengers Issue Bomb Threats, Singapore Airlines Plane Directly Escorted by Fighter Jets – A number of fighter jets were immediately flown to escort aircraft Singapore Airlines after a passenger issued a threat bom. Aircraft were then escorted to land at Changi International Airport, Singapore. Singapore’s Ministry of Defense reported that passengers who issued bomb threat The person was a 37-year-old man on a flight from San … Read more

China develops 6th generation fighter jet, US doesn’t want to be outdone

loading… United States sixth generation fighter jet concept. America is in a race with China to launch a sixth-generation fighter jet. Photo/Boeing WASHINGTON – The United States (US) military says China is “on the right track” to develop sixth generation fighter jet . The head of the U.S. Air Force’s Air Combat Command (ACC), General … Read more

5 of Russia’s most advanced fighter jets

loading… Su-75 Checkmate fighter jet. Photo/Sandboxx MOSCOW – Russia is in the world’s spotlight because of its efforts to invade Ukrainian territory. The struggle for the territory made war between the two countries inevitable. Everything is deployed on the battlefield, including fighter jets. Launching from Global Firepower, Russia ranks third in the total fighter aircraft … Read more

My friend told me to knock him out in the second round, he laughed after Floyd won. His bodyguard was KO’d

Famous American boxer Floyd Mayweather has another successful exhibition in Japan. While in the first one he overcame kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa already in the first round, this time he took his time. MMA fighter Mikurua Asakuru he only knocked out at the very end of the second round. Although he himself took a few blows … Read more

There is no help for those who can’t help. The 198-kilogram giant Zuluzinho took another beating

The last time we were about 200 kg Zuluzinhovi heard in early September. Back then, he was extremely unlucky, as a controversial rule that the Russian organization AMC Fight Nights implemented deprived him of an almost certain victory. Fighting on the ground is limited to one minute there, after which the referee will automatically let … Read more

The heavyweight champion made an interesting offer to the strongman Pudzian, but he cannot accept it yet

It is very difficult for someone within the KSW organization to break the record Phila De Friese in the number of successful title defenses. The Englishman with UFC experience found a second home in Poland when he won the heavyweight championship belt in his first fight here and subsequently successfully defended it seven times. Most … Read more

MMA | History was being rewritten! The teenager became the youngest UFC fighter. He is exceptional, I am impressed, gushed the president

The penultimate week of the show again brought five UFC contracts. And in this case too, all five winners rejoiced at winning a valuable contract, that is, including only seventeen-year-old Mexican Raul Rosas Jr., whose performance was perhaps the curiosity of the entire world of combat sports. The young puncher did not disappoint, on the … Read more