Jacek Borkowski is fighting COVID-19. Actor’s dramatic confession: “Keep your fingers crossed”

Jacek Borkowski was hospitalized a few days ago due to the difficult course of COVID-19. The actor then showed a photo from the hospital. Now he made a dramatic confession about his condition. Jacek Borkowski is a well-known actor, who gained wide fame for the role of Dr. Rafalski in the series “Klan”. A few … Read more

“Fighting Canyon” ARAM will be open for a limited time, the live main star game is about to debut |

“League of Legends: Fighting Canyon”‘s first exclusive “Astrologer” modeling series debut today (15).Picture: Taiwan Big Brother/Provided “League of Legends: Fighting Canyon” will be available for a limited time from April 15th to May 19 in the “random single-in-one” mode, and today (15) will officially launch the first exclusive look of Fighting Canyon “Astrologer” series. Players’ … Read more

The collapse of twenty years froze. Arca creditors are fighting for drowned billions

Arca Capital companies have issued a huge number of bills and short-dated bonds. The parent company Arca Investments alone owes almost 19 billion crowns. According to available information, the entire group should have liabilities of over 25 billion crowns. Most of the debt is in the Czech Republic. “Arca is the biggest bankruptcy facing Czech … Read more

The motive of the man in Singkawang to kill the biological father, hurt because of frequent oral fighting

PONTIANAK, KOMPAS.com – A man, with the initials RJ (23), from Kelurahan Skip Lama, Kecamatan Singkawang Central, Singkawang City, West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan), was arrested by the police. RJ was arrested on charges of persecuting AS (63), his biological father, to death. Kasat Reskrim Singkawang Polres AKP Tri Prasetiyo said, the results of the interim … Read more

Sweden is fighting the third wave of COVID-19. Most infections per million people in Europe

Watch the video Dr. Sutkowski on noncovid patients: Health debt increases dramatically Sweden has overtaken, among others Poland or Estonia and in recent days it has recorded the highest number of new coronavirus infections in Europe – reports “The Guardian”. The average daily number of infections in Sweden is 625 cases per million inhabitants (or … Read more

The Jakarta Fire Fighting Robot Action ‘Overpayments’ Tame the Burned Market

Jakarta – Pasar Minggu Inpres Market (Pasming), South Jakarta, was engulfed in flames. The hotspot came from a kiosk in Block C. In the process of extinction, Fire Fighters deployed the LUF-60 robot. This robot takes action when a fire is in a location that is difficult to access by fire engines. The LUF-60 firefighting … Read more

Yemen: 70 killed in fighting in the north – Middle East

(ANSA) – SANAA, APRIL 11 – The toll of the violent fighting between loyalists and Huthi rebels in the Marib region, the last bastion of the government in northern Yemen on the border with Saudi Arabia, is at least 70 dead in the last 24 hours. Loyalist sources report this. (HANDLE). REPRODUCTION RESERVED © Copyright … Read more

Streaming starts in April 2021: A new generation is fighting for justice in the DC universe

Published11. April 2021, 21:37 At the center of the series is Stargirl, and an abysmal thriller from South Korea starts – that and more awaits you now to stream. The trailer for «Stargirl». Sky Show We keep an eye on the streaming services and introduce you to the most exciting reboots. Sky Show turns a … Read more

“One Punch Man: The Strongest Man” “Transformed Jenos” is unstoppable and limited-time recruitment of blood and fighting passion is rekindled! -Technology

“One Punch Man: The Strongest Man” “Remodeling the Jenos Suit and Vest” sale will be available for a limited time from April 12th to 19th! “One Punch Man: The Strongest Man” is a rare moment for the leap forward! The exclusive recruitment event for “Reconstructing the Jenos Tactical Suitcase” is about to appear! The original … Read more

Away home because gay: Malika’s victory, she is no longer alone fighting. Investigate the Prosecutor’s Office

Malika Castelfiorentino (Florence), 11 April 2021 – Malika is no longer alone in her battle in the name of love. The 22 year old from Castelfiorentino rejected by her family and thrown out of the house after revealed to be lesbian and having fallen in love with a girl, she was overwhelmed by an avalanche … Read more