Portugal sued for not fighting invasive species

29 January 2023 at 21:32 Brussels understands that efforts are “unsatisfactory and insufficient”. ICNF has already completed the plan and is waiting for approval. The European Commission will proceed with a court action against Portugal for lack of measures to prevent and manage the introduction and spread of invasive alien species. The Ministry of the … Read more

“Forspoken” GameSpot rated 5 points, the combat boring game experience is poor-Hong Kong mobile game network GameApps.hk

Brief review: “Forspoken” has bright spots in visual perception and music, but boring combat, poor character creation and loose movement mechanics make the game experience mediocre. Overall Review: Forspoken is a tricky game. The legend of this story is very interesting, but the way of conveying it to the players is very blunt. The sense … Read more

Energy workers are still fighting the effects of the element. Reader: My house is 15 degrees and food is thawing

Sunday, January 22, is another day when power engineers remove failures caused by heavy wet snowfall. Still several thousand customers in Podkarpacie remain without electricity. There has been no electricity since last Thursday. in Przedmieście Czudecki. We received such a signal from one of the residents of this town, who wrote that it was about … Read more

British intelligence: The fighting in Ukraine has reached a stalemate

In the last few days, the fiercest battles have been fought in three sectors. To the northeast, near Kreminna, Ukraine may have made some progress and successfully defended against a Russian counterattack. In the direction of Bakhmut, the Russian army and forces of the mercenary group “Wagner” are likely to restore combat capabilities in the … Read more

Molinari and Migliozzi are fighting for the title in Abu DhabiGolfando, the golf blog

The blue dream continues in the United Arab Emirates: after three laps Francesco Molinari is still on top of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. And just two shots away is Guido Migliozzi. In the first race valid for the Rolex Series, the Turinese, with a total of 203 (67 67 69, -13) shots, after the … Read more

″This has never happened before″. Russians report ‘sharp increase’ in fighting in southern Ukraine

Russian occupation authorities reported this Friday a “strong increase in intensity” of fighting in the Zaporijia region, in southern Ukraine, where clashes “across the front line” are taking place. “In the direction of Zaporijia, the intensity of hostilities sharply increased”declared Vladimir Rogov, a leader of the Zaporijia regional occupation authority, installed by Moscow, in a … Read more