Pokémon has a new series of figures that you will want to have

Ash y Pikachu. Premium Bandai has launched a new line of Pokémon figures from the Pokémon Scale World collection. These 1/20 scale figures show us Pokémon trainers and creatures from Galar and Kanto as Giovanni, Lapras, Leon, Dragapult, Arcanine, Clefairy, Gengar, Nidoqueen or Porygon. Know more: These Pokémon are the most collectible figures in the … Read more

Another casualty! Barcelona loses one of its figures due to injury in the face of the Champions League

It seems that the bad news does not stop arriving from Catalonia. At the bad moment and the crisis that the Barcelona As an institution, this weekend’s defeat against Atlético de Madrid, the tension in Antoine Griezmann’s relationship with Messi and the bad streak of the Argentinean ’10’, now there is a new injury to … Read more

VR for Education Market Analyze by Share 2020, Revenue, Top Company Profiles, Key Figures, Market Segment & Scope, Expansion Plans, Challenges

The VR For Education market report focuses on upcoming existences in the global VR for Education industry that tend to have both positive and negative impacts on the market. The report also examines historical and current events in the marketplace and provides valuable forecast estimates to aid a VR for Education business owners and corporation … Read more

Credit card market includes top countries figures, business growth, market size, SWOT analysis, business opportunity, applications, trends and forecasts to 2025

Credit Card Market report offers a detailed assessment of the market, highlighting information on different aspects including drivers, restraints, opportunities, threats, and global markets, including progress trends, competitive environment analysis, and key regions, the state of expansion. This report is the global numerical analysis of the Credit Card industry and provides data for making strategies … Read more

The world football figures who said goodbye to Javier Mascherano

Mascherano retired | Richard Heathcote / Getty Images Javier Mascherano had a dream career. River, Corinthians, West Ham, Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​a step through Chinese football and retirement in Estudiantes de la Plata. He left his mark on each club that he played and was for many years the great reference of the Argentine team. Above … Read more

The key figures of Brexit since 2016

Each in their own way, these are the main characters who have influenced the course of Brexit history since the 2016 referendum. – David Cameron – Prime Minister for six years beginning in 2010, Cameron will go down in history as the man who ushered in Brexit, although he was opposed to it. By authorizing … Read more

Covid-19. Mexico exceeds a million cases; is approaching 100,000 deaths

Digital Millennium Mexico / 14.11.2020 19:24:28 Mexico exceeded one million people infected with SARS-CoV-2 and 22 percent had to be hospitalized, while they have been patients with moderate symptoms and therefore, they stayed at home, 78 percent. Half, 53.4 percent of covid-19 cases are registered in people between 25 and 49 years old. Two-thirds, 61.7 … Read more

How COVID-19 has affected the search for the new figures

To a large extent, soccer activity has returned in different forms around the world; however, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the normal functioning of operations within this sport. A particular case: the talent evaluators who are part of the payrolls of the different clubs have been strongly affected, since they were used to traveling … Read more

This is how the new ceramic figures of Pokémon look in collaboration with Chugaitoen and the Impidimp and Pincurchin soft toys from Pokémon Dolls – Nintenderos

How do you know if there is a country where Pokémon be a real madness, that is Japan. Proof of this is the brutal amount of merchandise that can be found from this successful franchise. Today we bring you one more sample of it, since a new collaboration and new articles of this franchise have … Read more