The stadium was filled with smoke. Watch how Argentina fans celebrated before the end of the match

A soccer match between two rivals in Argentina took an unusual turn as Independiente Rivadavia fans began celebrating their team’s lead late in the second half. Fans filled the stadium with a spectacular fireworks display during the final moments, sending smoke billowing into the stadium. The match continued despite this disruption, and the team won … Read more

5.5 Million Year Old Elephant Cemetery Found, Filled with Mother and Baby Elephant Bones

“I started to find one toe and ankle bone after another,” Dean Warner, the volunteer who found the bones, said in a statement. “As I continued to dig, I found the ulna and radius (long arm bones).” “That’s really exciting because it gives us the opportunity to not only see what an adult (gomphothere) looks … Read more

The Panevėžys bypass was filled with an “Ignitis On” charging station

2023-06-02 14:202023-06-02 13:13040 On the Panevėžys bypass near the fast food restaurant “Hesburger”, the “Ignitis On” ultra-fast charging station for electric cars has started operating. This is the first ultra-fast charging station in a strategically important location, which will be very useful for those traveling from Vilnius to Riga, Ignitis reports. According to Eimantas Balta, … Read more

What does an Earth-like planet filled with volcanoes look like? – Astronomers have discovered an Earth-like planet 87 light years away. Interestingly, besides being quite close, the planet is almost the same size as Earth and orbits its star at a relatively safe distance. This makes the planet’s temperature neither too hot nor too cold. Sounds perfect as a second Earth doesn’t it? Unfortunately, … Read more

Overpass 2 revealed with gravel and sand filled trailer

Overpass 2 was just announced by Nacon and they really seem to have faith in the new racing game they call “the ultimate off-road adventure”. We’re also promised 31 new tracks and 5 playable modes to choose from, and there are 37 licensed vehicles included. Combine this with a “redesigned and more complete experience: improved … Read more

LHKPN Kadinkes Lampung Filled in by Staff, 5 Years Data Hasn’t Changed

CNN Indonesia Thursday, 11 May 2023 05:20 WIB Head of the Lampung Province Health Service (Kadinkes) Reihana sits down after undergoing clarification on the State Administration Asset Report (LHKPN) at the KPK’s Red and White Building, Jakarta, Monday (8/5/2023). (ADITYA PRADANA PUTRA/ADITYA PRADANA PUTRA) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) disclose the State Administrators … Read more

FDA approves first capsule filled with human fecal microbiota

It’s a new kind of medical clearance, made from feces. If the transplantation of these materials is already used to restore the balance of bacteria in the intestine, the new oral treatment is simpler and less invasive. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Antibiotic resistance of bacteria, a growing threat Antibiotics have the property … Read more

Ukrainian distillers put the Russians on their shoulders – they filled the store shelves

“We are happy that our brand is recognized all over the world, and our customers choose our vodka as a show of solidarity with Ukraine,” said the head of the Nemiroff company, Yuriy Sorochinskis. This company is indeed doing well, although it didn’t seem like it last spring. When the Russian invasion began, the company … Read more

▶️ VIDEOS | Ebelin Ortiz and the time she “filled praise” for Alejandro Toledo

On Twitter, several users recalled the time actress Ebelin Ortiz praised the former president Alexander Toledo, while she was a candidate for Congress for the party Peru Possible. On that occasion, the artist, who also defended the coup leader Peter Castillo, stated that the husband of Eliane Karp was the “best president of the country”. … Read more

Seconds of Robbers Give Nasi Padang Filled with Amethyst to Online Taxi Drivers

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Head of Sub-Directorate of Resmob Polda Metro Jaya Adjunct Senior Commissioner Titus Yudho Uly said online taxi drivers were victims of robbery with the mode of being force-fed amethyst believe in the perpetrators because they have met. The victim’s trust was used by the perpetrators to mix the nasi padang they bought … Read more