Index – Culture – This Hungarian film is a must-see in the cinema

We can see it in cinemas soon Avatar the second part, the film we have been waiting for for 13 years. However, before they grab the blue face paint from the shops and many people rediscover the magic of the 3D cinema experience, it is worth turning our attention to a Hungarian film, which we … Read more

In cinemas they show the film by Lyubov Arkus “Balabanov. Bell tower. Requiem” – December 8, 2022

Photo: frame from the trailer Share The documentary film by Lyubov Arkus “Balabanov. Bell tower. Requiem, which tells about the last two years of the life of Alexei Balabanov, described in the prologue as “the only truly popular director of the new Russia.” The bell tower mentioned in the title is the mystical “bell tower … Read more

Sexuality and Iranian women in the spotlight for the big return of the Sundance film festival

Sexuality and Iranian women are the themes of the Sundance film festival which begins next month, organizers revealed on Wednesday. Located in the mountains of Utah in the western United States, Sundance (January 19-29) is making its comeback in person, after two years of interviews and conferences by interposed screens. Renowned for having highlighted a … Read more

Saudi Arabia.. Pictures from the activities of the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the presence of a number of artists and celebrities, witnessed activities that will continue until the 10th of this December. DJ Chantelle Jeffries performing on stage at the GQ dinner, plain_textCredit: Ming Yeung/Getty Images for The Red Sea International … Read more

“Our Brothers”: 36 years after his death, a film tribute to Malik Oussekine

Thirty-six years after the events, a film to “reconcile memories”: with “Our brothers”, Rachid Bouchareb mirrors the death of Malik Oussekine, killed by police in 1986, with that, the same evening, of another youngster. The film, which will be released in theaters on December 7, will represent Algeria at the Oscars. It had been presented, … Read more

Brainstorm participates in the Estonian film Eriks Akmensirds / Diena

The film is directed by the Estonian director Ilmāras Rāga (Ilmar Raagi) is led by the co-production of Estonia, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland and Latvia. Offer to join Erika Stoneheart Latvian producer Roberts Vinovskis voiced in the creation (Studio Locomotive), along with the idea of ​​composing music, Renard Cowper was also offered the role of … Read more

“The Stranger” was crowned with a golden olive branch at the Jerusalem Film Festival

The film “The Stranger” by Amir Fakhreddine from the Golan Heights won the “Golden Olive Branch” award at the Jerusalem International Film Festival, in its seventh session, which closed on Tuesday in Gaza. The film won the festival’s critics’ committee award in the name of Palestinian director Rashid Masharawi. The jury awarded its special prize … Read more

Netflix’s new Thriller becomes biggest debut ever for a foreign film

‘The Mountain Troll‘, an epic thriller that focuses on a giant monster, is making a huge splash in Netflix. In the last week, the production became the most watched film on streaming in the North American territory. The film recorded impressive 75.86 million hours watched during the first seven days – making it the biggest … Read more

CTWANT Entertainment News / Meng Gengru laments the tiredness of raising children, “Who is to blame?” Huang Zijiao releases a feature film in response

more news Meng Gengru posted a post on the morning of the 3rd, lamenting that he was physically and mentally exhausted on the road of raising children. Huang Zijiao responded by uploading a video of more than 30 minutes on Facebook in the evening, admitting that many things have changed since the birth of the … Read more