In all its glory: Hemsworth will appear naked in the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” (photo)

The creators of the blockbuster decided to arrange a surprise for the audience, and at the same time fulfill the actor’s old dream. Fans of Chris Hemsworth will be able to admire his athletic body in Thor: Love and Thunder. Very soon, another film about the adventures of the god of thunder will be released … Read more

Four Years; Ranjith Shankar announced the new film

Director Ranjith Shankar announced the new film. The theme of the film is college life and love. The film is titled as Four Years. Cast details will be released in the coming days. Madhu Neelakandan is the cinematographer of the film. Music is composed by Shankar Sharma. Tapas Naik- Sound Mixing. The film is produced … Read more

What will the invitation to the US Film Academy mean for director Dyakov

The critic explained what gives such an honorable opportunity. Russian director Anton Dyakov, nominated for an Oscar for the cartoon “Boxing Ballet”, was invited to join the US Film Academy. Film critic Valery Kichin told the PopCornNews portal what privileges membership in the US Film Academy gives to a director. “Undoubtedly, the inclusion in the … Read more

Zelensky: “Bucha is like a war film, but reality is scarier than fiction”

bushing like a war movie. In an interview with the US network Nbcthe former actor and president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky he compared the scenes seen today in Bucha to a war film and that instill terrifying sensations. “It’s like a movie, a violent movie about the effects of war. – he said -. But … Read more

Zelensky, to Bucha it looks like a war movie, terrifying – World

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 29 – In an interview with the US network Nbc, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky compared the scenes observed today in Bucha to a war film and which instill terrifying sensations. “It’s like a film, a violent film about the effects of war – he said – But then you realize that … Read more

Review: Secret life of the president – Film and television – Culture

Beautiful backdrops, beautiful costumes and beautiful people will delight the viewer’s eye in the new Czech film Prezidentka. But otherwise, not much happens. Photo: Zuzana Panská Anna Geisler Actress Anna Geislerová as the Czech head of state in a scene from the film Prezidentka. Director Rudolf Havlík filmed a romantic love story of a handsome … Read more

16 posters of international awards for the famous Chinese film “Hello, Beijing” –

Source title: 16 posters of international awards for the famous Chinese film “Hello, Beijing” Recently, the warm realism film “Hello, Beijing”, supervised and directed by Cao Qianqian, produced by Beijing Yingzhi Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. and jointly produced by Zhongyin Holdings Group Co., Ltd., won 16 consecutive international film awards, and grandly … Read more

Film producer Broccoli announces “reinvention” of James Bond

The most important Bond cars from then to now 1 / 25 The most important Bond cars from then to now quelle: epa/epa / facundo arrizabalaga Longtime James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has once again made it clear that the film series about the famous secret agent will continue. However, it will be at least … Read more

Controversy over a “gay” kiss in a children’s film

In order to prevent the controversy from gaining momentum, Ciné Atlas has decided to speak out on the subject. While the film did not obtain an exploitation visa, because of the presence of a lesbian kiss, in a dozen countries and territories of the Middle East and Asia with a Muslim majority, including Malaysia, the … Read more

Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival unveils official poster with ‘Return to Daily Life’

The slogan is ‘The sky where the stars set, the sea where the movie rises’ The Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival released its official poster this year on the 27th, heralding the full-fledged start of the film festival. ⓒ This year’s official poster is a scene where the Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival’s mascot, ‘The Girl with … Read more