Tom Holland talks about filming the scene with the plane from the film adaptation of Uncharted

Tom Holland talked about how the film adaptation team Uncharted filmed an episode with an airplane and contents falling out of it. According to Holland, the stunts in this picture were the most ambitious of his career, and filming the scene with the plane took about five weeks. Almost every day, the artist spent at … Read more

Ticket to Paradise, Julia Roberts, George Clooney and the interruption of filming

There has hardly been a film production in the last two years that has not been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. Most often, one of the team falls ill, which leads to the suspension of the work process. George Clooney and Julia Roberts back on screen This must be watched Because of … Read more

He died before filming.. Yahya Al-Fakharani tells the story of the mouse scene in a movie that came out and did not return

Ahmed Alaa Posted on: Wednesday, January 19, 2022 – 12:32 AM | Last update: Wednesday, January 19, 2022 – 12:32 AM The artist, Yahya Al-Fakharani, told the story of his filming of a scene in a movie that came out and did not return, with a “rat”, although he does not like mice like many. … Read more

“Believe in Santa.” The filming of the bestseller is starting in Bielsko-Biała

18/01/2022, h. 14:03 Tomorrow, in the streets of Bielsko-Biała, shooting for a new feature film called “Believe in Mikołaja”, the screenplay for which was written by Ilona Łepkowska based on the best-selling book by Magdalena Witkiewicz under the same title. In the film, we will see a multigenerational galaxy of Polish actors. Shooting for production … Read more

ATTENTION, CHANGE! The survivor is shifting, the coronavirus has slowed down filming Current

Fans of the harshest reality show have to wait a while longer. Although the contestants arrived in the Dominican Republic in early January and had already completed several games and competitions, Markíza Television had to suspend the filming of Survivor Česko & Slovensko. The reason is the COVID-19 disease, which occurred among the competitors. “As … Read more

Jennifer Lopez suffers a severe blow and has to suspend the filming of her latest movie ‘The Mother’

The next movie by Jennifer Lopez, The Mother, has temporarily halted production due to an increase in COVID cases. As reported PEOPLE , overseas filming of the film was suspended after team members tested positive for coronavirus. Related news Most of the project was shot in Canada, where LópezThe 52-year-old was filming scenes before the … Read more

Filming the League of Truth was a terrible experience for Ben Affleck, but the film is not the reason

Although Affleck’s meme revealed this, too, and this film led him to hook Batman’s cloak at an angle, the actor wasn’t what shook the audience. It was a real roller coaster ride by the time the League of Truth took place, and even the march didn’t end with the premiere. After Zack Snyder’s daughter left … Read more

Learn about the story of the most daring scene in the history of cinema: Because of this hot scene, he lived in the studio despite the presence of the director and filming crew?

2022/01/09 It’s 04:30 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite published a report on one of the Egyptian films, which sparked a wave of controversy before and after its screening, and some described one of its scenes at the time as including sexual intercourse between the hero and heroine of the film. In the details, … Read more

Alec Baldwin explains why he did not give his cell phone to the investigators of the fatal shooting during the filming of ‘Rust’

Published: 9 ene 2022 10:12 GMT The actor lashed out at people who promote hatred, saying the only way to honor the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins is to “find out the truth.” American actor Alec Baldwin has come up against controversy over the reasons why he has not complied with the order delivery to … Read more

Vanessa Kirby becomes Napoleon’s wife in Ridley Scott’s new historical film

Ilya Bogomolov Crown star Vanessa Kirby has been invited to shoot Ridley Scott’s new historical drama. Vanessa Kirby will be the new Josephine. Photo: The new film by the famous director Ridley Scott has an urgent replacement. We are talking about historical drama tentatively titled Kitbag, which tells the story of the rise of … Read more