Ninel Conde. They filter audio of an actress’s husband confessing fraud

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 25.02.2021 13:58:20 Since Ninel Conde started a new relationship with businessman Larry Ramos, Much has been said about whether the Colombian had committed millionaire fraud to several people, including Alejandra Guzmán. And now, former managers of the interpreter of “Eternally Beautiful” leaked a audio where the husband of The killer … Read more

Screen protection, Privacy filter, Tempered glass, Case

Protectionfilms24 is a trademark of Bedifol GmbH, based in southern Germany. Everything to protect smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and many other devices Digital devices always involve sensitive technologies and especially touchscreens are very sensitive. Therefore, protecting the device and its screen is increasingly important to the function and durability of the device. After using our … Read more

OPPO: filter features of Xiaomi’s rival high-end phone

OPPO, Xiaomi’s rival, will soon launch its new high-end phone that will be named Find X3 Neo. Although a specific date for the arrival of this smartphone is not yet known, new leaks show us its characteristics completely. According to the images shown by the German media New MobileIt will have a 6.55-inch OLED screen … Read more

[VIDEO] Serious Meeting, Members of the US House of Representatives Use the Reverse Zoom Filter Page all

WASHINGTON DC, – Members of the House of Representatives AS Republicans made their peers laugh when using filters upside down from Zoom when meeting. Member DPR AS named Tom Emmer said he couldn’t remove the filter and made his colleagues laugh even more. Emmer, who is the Chair of the Republican National Congressional Committee, … Read more

After a cat filter now an American congressman upside down: ‘Tom, you’re upside down’ | Abroad

Tom Emmer, Republican congressman from Minnesota, was talking about job security in a committee meeting when suddenly his colleagues started laughing. “Mr Emmer, are you okay?” Asked the chairman. And someone else: “You’re upside down, Tom.” Emmer had not yet realized this and responded: “I don’t know how to solve this.” Another participant asked, “Is … Read more

How to use the Zoom filter of the lawyer cat everyone talks about | Tutorial | Snap Camera | Video calls | United States | nnda nnni | DATA

So you can have fun with all your friends, especially on special dates or in meetings with your friends. If you’ve been around the internet this week, you’ve probably seen the viral video of an online court case in Texas, USA, which wouldn’t have been very noteworthy, except for the fact that a lawyer accidentally … Read more

“Mister judge, I am not a cat”: lawyer goes viral for reaching a virtual hearing with a tender filter Society

The Presidio County Attorney, United States City, Rod Ponton It went viral after a video was released showing a curious situation while participating in an audience through Zoom. Ponton entered the meeting, however, he had to ask the judge for help because his setup had a white kitty filter that replaced his face on the … Read more

They filter photos that show consequences of the attack on the team and journalist of the ‘Good Morning Everyone’ TV and Show

On Monday afternoon, two photographs were leaked that give an account of the consequences of the attack on the press, in the middle of the funeral of the juggler Francisco Martínez, who died at the hands of the police after being shot in Panguipulli. One of those involved was Daniela Muñoz, a journalist from the … Read more

“I’m online and I’m not a cat.” In Texas, attorney accidentally logged into Zoom courtroom with cat filter

According to Judge Ferguson, the filter on Ponton’s computer was turned on by his son, and the lawyer simply forgot to turn it off. It noted on Twitter on February 9th that such fun moments are a byproduct of lawyers working to keep the justice system functioning during difficult times. “All the participants in the … Read more

I’m not a cat, the lawyer assured at the video conference. He forgot to turn off the cute filter

A Texas lawyer accidentally left a cat filter on during an Internet video conference. Instead of his face, the judge saw the talking head of a furry pet, telling him that a lawyer was actually sitting in front of the webcam and that he was alive and well. 0:42 Zoom’s Most Favorite Patalia Section: I’m … Read more