Ex-Minister Köstinger makes a career at financial service providers

Former tourism and agriculture minister Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP) has a new job again. Köstinger will join on April 1st strategic advisor to the internationally operating Baha Group, thereby expanding her area of ​​responsibility. In addition to the FinTech company Mountain-View Data, which also belongs to Christian Baha’s group of companies, she will also work for … Read more

〈Taiwan stock news before the market〉December export orders blacked out four times in a row, fair customers resumed coming to Taiwan to visit factories Today must-see financial news |

Pay attention to the pre-market news of Taiwan stocks. The amount of export orders in December last year was 52.17 billion US dollars, showing four blacks in a row, and the end of the year has been growing for two consecutive years; Started to visit the factory. It is expected that the performance of servo … Read more

Returns 2022: New year, new (financial) life!

DYNAMIC The -3.69% in December nullifies the substantial increases in October and November, halting the annual performance of the Dinamico at -11,21% (benchmark -10.81%): a result that clearly represents the so often commented overall weakness of the markets. Only once in the past did this sector record a worse result: it was 2008 “Lehman Brothers” … Read more

Visa is committed to an efficient money transfer process and financial inclusion in Africa

Global payments technology company, Visa, has reaffirmed its commitment to improving the platform for efficiency and financial inclusion in Nigeria and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa. According to the company, in an increasingly digital and connected world, consumer demand for fast and convenient access to funds is creating opportunities for cross-border person-to-person money transfers. Visa … Read more

〈Taiwan stock market news〉Hot money surges, stocks and foreign exchanges both soar, and foreign investment exceeds the second highest in history. Must-see financial news today | Anue tycoon-Taiwan stock news

Pay attention to the important news before the Taiwan stock market. The Taipei Stock Exchange opened a red market in the Year of the Rabbit and staged a double-up trend. The market rose 560 points to stand on the previous year’s line.New Taiwan dollarIt also rose 2.31 cents to close at 30.137 yuan, a new … Read more

Unions reject 13% wage increase, NVZ stunned | Financial

After discussions late into the night, collective bargaining for the hospital sector has stalled. “We really couldn’t have imagined this. The fact that the unions are now dropping out is inconceivable and astonishing. With our proposal of 13% in two years, actions are disproportionate and unnecessary,” says Ad Melkert, chairman of the NVZ.. The organization … Read more

Questionable financial training: Cashed in with a dream of making quick money

Status: 01/29/2023 10:28 am Getting rich without having to work hard: This is the promise that online finance academies use to lure young people. They should learn to invest properly, pay a lot of money for it and are often disappointed afterwards. It all started with a WhatsApp message from a friend, says 25-year-old Tao … Read more

Ruwad offers financial efficiency solutions and services

Sharjah24: With the intention of enhancing the system of services and privileges provided to small and medium enterprises, the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Foundation (Ruwad), a division of the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD), announced its service agreements with Prospective Vision, Al Saham Auditing, and McLedger Accounting LLC,” for accounting auditing and tax consultancy. In addition, they … Read more

ADHD affects 3 to 9% of the population!Study: Adults with ADHD Symptoms More Likely to Experience Anxiety and Depression

Adults with high levels of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms are more likely than those with high levels of autistic traits, according to new research led by psychologists at the University of Bath. Easily experience anxiety and depression. This study is the first to show that ADHD is a better predictor of adverse mental health outcomes … Read more