Financial markets – A wind of panic blew on Wall Street

PostedJanuary 22, 2022, 10:59 am After the sharp fall of the Nasdaq, investors are wondering if the market will stick to a correction or if we are approaching a prolonged depression. The spectacular fall in Netflix shares (-21.79% on Friday) sent shivers down the spine and began to worry small carriers. AFP Since its last … Read more

‘KLM lowers tax avoidance threshold for pilots and flight attendants with travel allowance’ | Financial

This is evident from the latest report from the ‘state agent’, who has been appointed to KLM to see whether the company meets the conditions for the government’s billions of support. The state agent talks about a ‘commuting allowance’, but in practice the employees in uniform fly from abroad to Schiphol to start their shift … Read more

US financial watchdog fines Credit Suisse

The Center profiled itself on Saturday as the party of pragmatic and united solutions on central political issues such as old-age provision, health costs and relations with the EU. He positioned himself for the reform of the AVS. Opening the Assembly of Delegates, President Gerhard Pfister welcomed an “exciting” year which will be marked by … Read more

Rhythm boasted of high earnings, but asked for financial help! How much did he get?

The pandemic has affected all areas of our lives and has had a significant impact on artists’ incomes. They can also obtain a financial injection from the state within the First Aid project. The most successful Slovak rapper, Patrik Vrbovský, known as Rytmus, also filled in the request for a contribution to the surprise. Patrik … Read more

Hon Hai Chongyuan Universe Platform, ASML Supply Chain Operations Pretty Must-See Financial News Today | Anue Juheng – Taiwan Stock News

Focusing on the key news of Taiwan stocks before the market, Hon Hai Chairman Liu Yangwei pointed out that the Metaverse layout strategy will also develop towards a platform, covering wearable devices, data centers and content, etc., and will not be absent; Esmore, in response to customer needs, adopts The rapid shipment is regarded by … Read more

Russia denies allegation about the cause of gas shortages | Financial

Russia has supplied “significantly more” gas to countries such as Germany and Turkey than it was obliged to, according to Novak. According to the Russian deputy prime minister, the gas shortages are the fault of “short-sighted policies of the European Union and the European Commission that have deliberately moved away from long-term contracts for years,” … Read more

Morocco future world player in hydrogen, according to Financial Times

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has conducted a survey revealing that Morocco is among the countries best placed to become the main producers of hydrogen which will have the power to influence prices, given the support policies and the availability of renewable energies. He made the top 5 alongside Australia, Chile, Saudi Arabia and … Read more

[Health Value Added]Has a cough and runny nose been recruited? There is a way to handle the new coronavirus and colds separately! – Hong Kong Economic Times- Financial Management- Personal Value Added

The new coronavirus variant Omicron spreads rapidly around the world. Since the symptoms include cough and runny nose, how to distinguish whether it is infected with Omicron or a common cold? Judging from the current situation, although the new coronavirus variant Omicron has strong infectivity, the condition after infection is not as serious as other … Read more

Fist against the lockdown: entrepreneurs demand to open again | Financial

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Door our reporters 13 jan. 2022 in FINANCIAL Rutger van der Weerd Ⓒ Jos Schuurman The pressure on the cabinet to relax the corona measures is increasing. Retailers are taking action and the catering industry has detailed plans for a reopening of the sector. Entrepreneurs demand that the lockdown … Read more