Eesti Energia invested almost 100 million in the second quarter. Eur, good financial results were ensured by the successful activities of the group companies

The net profit of the Estonian energy company group “Eesti Energia” in the second quarter of this year. m. reached 33 million in the quarter Eur. During this period, the group invested 98 million in new energy projects. EUR – this was Eesti Energia’s largest quarterly investment recently. Most of them went to renewable energy … Read more

How much is the salary of a miner in Mexico? – The financial

After the announcement of the collapse of a coal mine in the municipality of SabinaCoahuila, where 10 workers were trapped and another five people injured, some of the conditions that the workers are going through have been revealed. miners in Mexico. Cristina Aurbach, defender of miners, commented that there is negligence in this sector, since … Read more

New problem in the car! Now it has become even more difficult: Loans and interests… – The right address for financial news

Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) announced the July automobile and light commercial vehicle sales figures last week. Automobile and light commercial vehicle sales increased by 9.1 percent on an annual basis last month to 52 thousand 206 units. While sales remained below expectations due to the SCT rumors, growth came from the automobile side. In July, … Read more

Analysis of financial statements: two-thirds of the retail sector increased revenues and operated profitably

Last year, the retail market experienced an upswing – after the end of the quarantine restrictions that had been in place for a while and as the society slowly returned to the normal rhythm of life, consumption grew, a significant part of which also went to physical stores and retail chains. The increased consumption was … Read more

[Health Value Added]Diabetic patients beware of diabetes and regular blood tests to reduce fatal risk-Hong Kong Economic Times- Financial Management- Smart Consumer

There is one diabetic patient for every 10 Hong Kong people, that is, there are currently about 700,000 patients in Hong Kong. Zhou Zhenzhong, a specialist in endocrinology and diabetes, pointed out that the most terrifying thing about this disease is that the ultimate cause of death for most type 2 diabetics is the serious … Read more

Amado files for bankruptcy | Financial Journal

After seven years, the company Amado Bar y Cocina SpA, a well-known sandwich shop in the Drugstore gallery in Providencia, was able to function. The firm, represented by Rafael Sancinetti, initiated a judicial process to request its voluntary liquidation. “It was a company recognized among its clients and creditors for its professionalism,” said Sancinetti, who … Read more

Lu Yuren – High Debt Stocks Should Be Avoided for a Rebound under Interest Rate Increase | Financial High Tea | Headline Daily

The Hong Kong stock market was plunged into a political market last week. The US Democratic Party Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted on visiting Taiwan, stirring up tensions across the Taiwan Strait. Beijing showed dissatisfaction with its naval exercises in Taiwan for several days. People on the island are concerned about whether military exercises will be … Read more

Stimulus bonds: Togo collects 25 billion FCFA on the regional financial market

Sani Yaya, Minister of Economy and Finance of Togo The State of Togo, through its General Directorate of Treasury and Public Accounting, raised this August 5, 2022 on the financial market of the West African Monetary Union (UMOA) an amount of 25 billion FCFA (37.500 million euros) at the end of its issue of recovery … Read more

Nintendo reports quiet financial quarter

Another financial quarter has come to an end for Nintendo, the first of this fiscal year, and while we are used to seeing records broken in recent years thanks to the resounding success of the Nintendo Switch, we have clearly reached a period much quieter console life, even as games continue to sell out. As … Read more

The list of cities with the most foreign exchange has been announced! The provinces in the first three places attracted attention – The correct address for financial news

The amount of foreign currency held in banks for savings deposits in Turkey’s 81 provinces has been determined. Yozgat was the province with the highest share of foreign exchange deposits in total deposits in deposit banks with 66.91 percent. Yozgat was followed by Aksaray, Nevşehir, Kırşehir and Gümüşhane. The data for the first six months … Read more