Younger Europeans are critical of both US and China, Pew study finds – BBC News 中文

Kelly Ng, Phelan Chatterjee BBC reporter from Singapore and London March 23, 2023 Young people in three European countries are sharply critical of the world’s two most powerful nations, a study has found. A survey by the US-based Pew Research Center (Pew Research Center) found that these young people are worried about the role of … Read more

China Finds Villages Filled with Gold in Every Inch of Its Land

Jakarta – Large-scale gold deposits have been found in Shandong province, east China. Every inch of this village land, has a gold content. Quoted from Global Times, about 50 tons of gold reserves were found in the Xilaokou gold mine in Rushan city, Shandong Province. This is the largest gold deposit discovered this year in … Read more

Humberto Zurita, Rebecca Jones’s ex, finds out about her death in the middle of an interview and this is how he reacts

The surprise death of Rebecca Jones, which took place at dawn on March 22, has moved the artistic union of Mexico. The actor Humberto Zurita, who was her boyfriendhe found out about his departure in an interview he gave to the presenter Javier Poza in the morning. ” Oh, don’t tell me that!I’m very sorry,” … Read more

the finds inside them bear witness to the terrible fate of the people who lived there

The excavations, during which human remains were discovered, buried among hundreds of animal bones scattered around, took place at an ancient cult site called mustatil, located in the desert and used for ritual rites 7,000 years ago. The human remains found in the structure, named after an Arabic word meaning “rectangle,” belong to a male … Read more

With Frank, Sara finds love and pleasure, something her husband cannot give her

Call What does it mean to date today? For the podcast The love of now Corine Koole is looking for singles who want to talk about their dating life. What are you experiencing? And what are you looking for? Love, adventure, or something completely different? Would you like to tell your story? Send an email … Read more

KPK Finds 15 Firearms at Dito Mahendra’s House, Nikita Mirzani Touches the Chief of Police: The Spirit of Clean-up

Jakarta, – A few days ago, the KPK searched Dito Mahendra’s house on (13/3/2023). During the search, 15 firearms allegedly belonging to Dito Mahendra were found. The National Police Headquarters announced that it had received 15 firearms that had been handed over by the KPK. Dito Mahendra’s house was inspected and searched in the … Read more

Fast food consumption increases risk of liver cirrhosis, study finds

Fast, tasty and often at more affordable prices than a healthy meal, fast-food style eating is advancing in the world, following the increase in obesity and chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Much has already been said about the harmful effects of consuming items such as ultra-processed hamburgers and french fries in hydrogenated fat. … Read more

rogue-lite action game Flame Keeper finds the balance between self-improvement and survival Flame Keeper – Bahamut

Indie game team Kautki Cave and publisher Untold Tales’ new action game “Keeper of the Flame(Temporary translation, original name: Flame Keeper)” has officially landed on the PC and Nintendo Switch platforms. 《Keeper of the Flameis an action game with rogue-lite elements, the player will be transformed into a special kind of coal Ignis, the goal … Read more

A mild fever may help clear infections faster, study finds

Researchers found that untreated mild fever helped fish quickly clear the infection from their bodies, control inflammation and repair damaged tissue. Daniel Barreda, Amro Soliman, Farah Haddad and their team – including Ryan Heimroth of Emory University, Atlanta – made this observation using a custom aquarium in which the fish were located. We let nature … Read more

Basement finds completely change the theory of sea monsters

– We wouldn’t have found this if it weren’t for covid, says Benjamin Kear, researcher in palaeontology at the Museum of Evolution at Uppsala University. 252 million years ago, one of the largest mass extinctions in history occurred. The temperature rose rapidly, probably after a series of volcanic eruptions in Siberia, and 90 percent of … Read more