$40,000 fine for blowing snow in protected habitat

A Montreal-area business has been fined $40,000 for violating the Species at Risk Act, the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change announced on Saturday. The hardware and building materials chain Canac-Marquis Grenier pleaded guilty to one count of violating the prohibitions provided for in the Emergency Order for the protection of … Read more

The mayor of Kharkiv continues to speak Russian despite the fine

Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov commented on a decision by Taras Kremen, Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language, who fined him 3,400 hryvnias ($92 at the current exchange rate) for using Russian in communication with Kharkiv residents, the Russian Service of Bi quoted him as saying. BBC. On television, Terekhov said, partly in Russian, … Read more

Why the Electoral Court of Brazil accused Bolsonaro’s party of “bad faith” and imposed a million-dollar fine

Writing BBC News World 23 November 2022 Updated November 24, 2022 image source, AFP Caption, Jair Bolsonaro lost the recent elections by two percentage points. The Superior Electoral Court of Brazil (TSE) rejected the demand filed by the far-right party of Jair Bolsonaro to annul the results of the last presidential elections. Outgoing President Bolsonaro’s … Read more

A smart guy ties his car to a charging station with a rope: good try, but beware of the fine | Unusual

In the Netherlands, the owner of a Volvo tried to fool the controllers by tying his car to a charging station with a rope so that he could occupy the parking space. A cunning which nevertheless earned him a fine. And in Belgium, it is better to abstain too. The municipality of Middelburg, Zeeland shared … Read more

FA comes with high fine and suspension for Cristiano Ronaldo | Football

23 nov. 2022 in FOOTBALL Cristiano Ronaldo. Ⓒ ANP/HH Cristiano Ronaldo has been suspended for two games by the FA for knocking a phone out of the hands of an Everton fan at the end of last season. The former Manchester United player, who announced Ronaldo’s departure on Tuesday, will also be fined about 58,000 … Read more

The working environment at USÖ did not get any better – now the Örebro region risks a fine of half a million kroner

USÖ has had problems with the work environment for a long time. In December last year, for example, they went up to staff status, with staff resigning as a result. This resulted in 1,300 vacant work shifts during previous summer. The Swedish Work Environment Authority then demanded measures to improve the work environment. The administrative … Read more

Maidan bit back at Doda. “She’s fine with throwing mud”

Doda’s behavior in the program was briefly assessed as “weak” and, at least for him, incomprehensible. – 15 years! It’s like you… do you remember who you dated 15 years ago? And all the time, I read about myself somewhere, opening a portal, someone calls me, says something about me … I just don’t understand … Read more

5 Banning Supporters from Watching the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Showing Off a Fine of IDR 44 Million

Tuesday, 22 November 2022 – 04:16 WIB LIVE BALL – Watch your favorite team compete in World Cup 2022 Qatar and watching directly to the stadium is what people really want supporters football. However, this event every four years has something that must be considered by football fans around the world. Government Qatar has released … Read more

lidar flashes as motorists speed less than 50km/h, “I hope there won’t be a traffic fine when I did nothing wrong”

On social networks, many people have complained in recent days after being flashed on the E42 motorway near Vaulx. Getting flashed on a freeway is always annoying, but when it happens and you’re under the speed limit, there’s something wrong… ***** ************ *** ********* ******** ** ***** ************** ********** ***** ** * ***** ** ****** … Read more

Fine, court… Manchester United go all out on Cristiano Ronaldo

O Manchester United is committed to ‘getting rid’ of Cristiano Ronaldo, following the ‘bombastic’ interview given to the British television station TalkTV, and promises not to look to efforts to come out on top in what is guessed to be a legal battle. The red devils announced, in the form of a statement, that they … Read more