Usa, ‘he watered the garden too much’, Erin Brockovich fined – World

American environmental champion Erin Brockovich, made world famous by a famous film starring Julia Roberts who also won an Oscar for her role, was fined for watering her garden in California three times a week, where only one is possible in this drought period. Last year, reports the NYT, the eco-icon got a $ 1,700 … Read more

French shipping company fined NOK 800,000 for breaching the weapons law on Svalbard – VG

BOT: Parts of the weapon mount. Photo: The Governor of Svalbard The Governor has imposed a corporate penalty of NOK 800,000 on a French shipping company for breaching the Arms Act. Published: Updated yesterday 14:21 This is what the Governor writes in a press release. During the search of two of the shipping company’s ships … Read more

Juve, was the ‘new’ Kean just an illusion? Today the face to face with Allegri can be fined

The face to face is scheduled for today: with the resumption of training after the two days of rest, Massimiliano Allegri he will find himself in front of, among others, also Moise Keanfresh from being excluded from the friendly againstAtletico Madrid for showing up late for a meeting. Even before the official start of the … Read more

American women’s basketball player convicted of smuggling drugs to Russia, Russian court sentenced him to 9 years in prison and fined him

American women’s basketball player convicted of smuggling drugs to Russia, Russian court sentenced him to 9 years in prison and fined him 2022-08-06 08:58:28Source: Overseas Network According to a report by the TASS news agency on the 4th, a court in the Moscow region sentenced American basketball star and former U.S. women’s basketball player Brittney … Read more

About fifty spectators attending a Dieudonné show in Hainaut fined by the police

The controversial French comedian deprived of performance halls after being condemned by the French, Belgian and Canadian courts, in particular, for “provocation to discrimination, hatred or racial or religious violence”, defamation, insult, negationism and apology for terrorism, now organizes its shows in a bus. “Given the context, the show organizer decided not to put on … Read more

Russian presenter fined 50,000 rubles for “discrediting the army”

“The evidence confirms her guilt. There is no reason to contradict the authenticity,” said the judge after a short hearing. The journalist was punished for commenting on the imprisonment of another critic of the war, the opposition politician Ilya Yashin. She told reporters at the time that “the war in Ukraine is a crime, a … Read more

The German cyclist exceeded the speed limit twice. He probably won’t get fined

When the German police officers were measuring compliance with the speed limit near Ratingen in North Rhine-Westphalia the day before last Thursday, in addition to the car drivers who did not check their speed, their radar also took a picture of a cyclist. It wasn’t a mistake – the cyclist exceeded the speed limit. He … Read more

Avianca, Latam, Wingo, Viva Air and more, fined for Supertransport

The Transport Superintendency indicated that investigated 24 airlines operating in the country and sanctioned 19 of them by several clauses in which users were directly affected. According to that entity, 69 clauses in contracts of these airlines were reviewed and “abusive provisions” that affected travelers in 56 of them. “The informal work carried out by … Read more

Who are the brother shareholders of CAP and Invercap who were fined by the CMF?

The Navarrete Pérez brothers knew that their father had shares, properties and bank accounts, but they never suspected the magnitude of the patrimony that they were going to inherit: 8 billion pesos. It is a fortune that the patriarch, Eddie Navarrete Cerda, accumulated in his more than 50 years of work at CAP, where he … Read more