Lavender Policy Rebellion 1 / The first price increase in life insurance history, heavy fines, suspension of sales, Hongtai Life Insurance stayed in school for inspection

Dingdai Insurance fired its first shot in April this year, calling on Hongtai Life Insurance to withdraw the notice of premium increase. (Picture/Photo of Newspapers, Photo of Hongtai Life’s official website) A+ A- The panic caused by the panic has caused a big sale of medical and health insurance policies, and the most dramatic one … Read more

Disposing of Garbage Carelessly, This Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Driver is Wanted by the Environmental Service, Now Threatened with Fines

Instagram @faris_hilman24 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport passengers littering on Jalan M Kahfi, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. – Obeying the applicable traffic rules has become an obligation for road users. Not only that, road users must also comply with the regulations that have been set by the local government, for example rules related to waste management. Otherwise, … Read more

KPS strike group fines 64 lockdown offenders

Members of the Stootgroep KPS, consisting of the police, assisted by members of the National Army (NL) and the Suriname Security and Assistance Service (BBS), have in the weekend from Friday 27 August to the early morning of Monday 30 August, in fined a total of 64 lockdown violators at various locations in Paramaribo. People … Read more

“She fined me almost every day, the last fines are extreme”

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2021 at 08:32 Through Sudinfo It was when she received her first two fines that Rose realized that she had not renewed her resident card. Problem, there were six more. When she tells her story to our colleagues at RTL, Rose still has not taken the edge off. Because a … Read more

TVL counter for entrepreneurs open for the last time • ‘Marechaussee only handed out 5 corona fines’

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has so far handed out five fines at the border to people who could not show a vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or negative test result. BNR. Many people have their papers in order, but the checks are also far from watertight. Anyone who has been in a yellow EU country for … Read more

Bank of Spain will tighten its grip on cryptocurrencies! fines are heavy

Cryptocurrencies have been subject to analysis and scrutiny in several countries. The objective is to create legislation and supervision mechanisms, so that there is no “escape” from taxes and that these assets are not used in illegal actions. According to recent information, the Bank of Spain will control the cryptocurrency companies. Companies that operate without … Read more

Heavier fines, corona check…: everything that changes this August 1st

Here’s what went into effect this Sunday. A From August 1, 2021, it will be possible to incorporate a company digitally. Until now, entrepreneurs who wanted to create a company had to go in person to the notary to affix their signature on the authentic deed. From now on, the deed can be done electronically, … Read more

Do not call 112 if you want to make complaints! Who will be able to give fines

Gendarmes, police, firefighters and border police can fine those who do not comply with the law banning smoking in all enclosed public spaces on Thursday. The Ministry of Internal Affairs points out that the notifications do not represent an emergency and the number 112 should not be called for such violations. An order of the … Read more

Hina Cristiano Ronaldo Uses Rude Sentences, Broadcaster in Portugal Fines IDR 24.5 Million : Okezone Bola

PORTO – A broadcaster at the Do Dragao Stadium has been fined 2,430 euros ($2,500) for insulting Cristiano Ronaldo with harsh words. Then, at what moment did the announcer insult? Cristiano Ronaldo? On February 18, 2021, Juventus did visit the headquarters of FC Porto, Estadio do Dragao. In that match, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus lost 0-1 … Read more

TikTok Juyyputri Celebrity Birthday Party Leads to Tens of Millions of Fines

Jakarta – Birthday party (birthday) seleb TikTok Juyyputri when PPKM had a long tail. Juyyputri and a number of related parties must be held responsible by paying fines of up to tens of millions of rupiah. Juyyputri’s 18th birthday party was held on Wednesday (21/7) at a hotel in Bekasi City. At that time, Emergency … Read more