The raid on the territory of Russia, which caused a great resonance: pointed a finger at the weakest points of the aggressor

Two days in the territory of Russia – in the Belgorod region, the capital of which is considered the main logistics center in the war with Ukraine, there were battles involving artillery, aviation, tanks and rocket launchers. The raid by the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Legion “Russian Freedom” showed that Russia is completely unprepared … Read more

Sports, Football | Not thinking about the cup final: – Cut off my finger for three points against Stabæk

– I am willing to cut off my finger for the three points against Stabæk. That’s the game I’m thinking about, not the cup final. We’re going into this match with skin and hair, then we’ll have to deal with the possible consequences afterwards. Saturday comes when it comes, says Brann coach Eirik Horneland. Injuries … Read more

Simple finger test for lung cancer risk: How is the Schamroth Test done?

<amp-img id="item-0" alt=" Researchers in England said doing the “diamond pitch finger test”, also known as the “Schamroth Test”, could be a warning for lung cancer. ” layout=”responsive” src=”″ width=”1000″ height=”561″/>1 Researchers in England said doing the “diamond pitch finger test”, also known as the “Schamroth Test”, could be a warning for lung cancer. <amp-img … Read more

Shoko Nakagawa’s “surprise wedding gift” from Disney is “chic” and “too gorgeous”, attracting attention on her left ring finger

Talent Shoko Nakagawa updated her Twitter on the 29th. Revealing her wedding gift from Disney, the response has been overwhelming. Shoko Nakagawa gets married from Disney Shoko Nakagawa (C) model press On the 28th, Nakagawa announced his marriage in a handwritten comment. She also said, “The other person is the same age as me, loves … Read more

“She gives me the middle finger, I know that…”

In our studio, Jérôme De Warzée returned to what remains of his relationship with the “Poufs”… At the beginning of 2020, the war had broken out between Jérôme De Warzée and the “Poufs”. Quickly, Sarah Grosjean and Bénédicte Philippon found themselves deprived of an appearance in the “Grand Cactus”, the program that had made them … Read more

complained that a colleague sucks her finger and kicks the door

In one small district prosecutor’s office in Northern Lithuania, such a mobbing scandal erupted that even the general prosecutor and the Prosecutor’s Ethics Commission had to intervene. A specialist working here complained that for many years one female prosecutor not only sabotages his work, bullies him, but also oppresses him in the most unexpected ways. … Read more

Pudilová decided on the next match. The raised middle finger of the opponent will not be left alone

Lucie Pudilová bites not only the emotions from the undeserved defeat, but also how her opponent ran away with her after the match. So there is no need to doubt the next duel. It was one of the most controversial results in UFC history, and unfortunately the Czech track played a major role in it. … Read more