Complete failure of Firefox: restart and update help

On the morning of January 13, Firefox experienced a total failure. Mozilla recently launched the brand new Firefox 96 started in 2022. But according to many user reports, the browser suddenly stopped working. Firefox could also be called up on our systems, but surfing was either not possible or only at a snail’s pace. The … Read more

Software-update: Mozilla Firefox 95.0.2 – Computer – Downloads

The bug reads “[…] running on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1”, but he talks about Firefox in the Windows Store and in that Firefox is only available on 10 and 11, so he must be running 10 or 11 and thus not experience this bug (unless the bug is also, without Mozilla’s knowledge, occurs on … Read more

Firefox 95.0.2 is coming urgently to fix crashing issues

Firefox 95.0.2 is available since December 19, 2021. This maintenance addresses bugs affecting certain AMD processors under Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Mozilla quickly released an update for its Firefox browser. Just days after the deployment of Firefox 95.0.1, Firefox 95.0.2 arrives. The update is normally offered automatically via the browser’s maintenance module. It is … Read more

Firefox 95 is available and signs the deployment of RLBox sandboxing technology on all platforms

Mozilla announced the availability of Firefox 95. RLBox, a new technology that strengthens Firefox against potential security vulnerabilities in third-party libraries, is now enabled on all platforms (desktop and mobile). RLBox allows you to quickly convert browser components to work in isolation in a WebAssembly (wasm) sandbox. In addition, Firefox and WindowServer on Mac have … Read more

Firefox aims to become the most secure browser with new sandboxing tool

Mozilla launches a new security feature that aims to make Firefox the most secure browser in the world. The RLBox sandboxing tool is now available through the Firefox 95 update. Mozilla launches sandboxing tool RLBox, a new security feature that aims to make Firefox the most secure browser. The tool was developed by Mozilla in … Read more

Mozilla shuts down its “password manager” app across all platforms

Mozilla has canceled many of its recent projects, including file transfer tool, Thunderbolt email platform, etc. Now, the company has announced that it will end support for Firefox Lockwise password manager. Support for the app will end on December 13, and after the specified date, it will no longer be available for users to download … Read more

Mozilla ends support for Firefox Lockwise password manager

Mozilla will end support for the Firefox Lockwise app for Android and iOS on December 13, meaning password manager users will no longer receive security updates and support. Users are prompted to sync saved passwords with the Firefox browser. Firefox Lockwise allows users to save their passwords and access them from other devices. In this … Read more

Firefox is going to allow unlimited creation of email aliases

Mozilla And that within one overview dashboard where you can use all your Firefox email aliases by logging in once. Actually, e-mail is quite an old-fashioned way of communicating. It’s been around for almost as long as the internet itself. But we still use it a lot. Mozilla launched Firefox Relay rather as a free … Read more

Mozilla launches a Premium offer for its Firefox Relay service

Mozilla evolves Firefox Relay, its service intended to conceal your e-mail address, and has just announced the arrival of a premium offer. So far Firefox Relay allowed up to five aliases to be generated for free. With its paid offer offered at one euro per month, Mozilla has found a new source of income, but … Read more