Consumption of ‘tuna fish’ plays an important role in children’s education period

Face-to-face training, which was suspended due to the new type of coronavirus epidemic, has started. During this period, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition in order to keep immunity strong. prof. Dr. Emine Nur Tozan, He reported that tuna fish, which is very rich in minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, especially omega … Read more

Weapons, bikes, safes: big fish fishing in the Ixelles pond (photos)

At the initiative of the Amis des Etangs, divers from Lifras have uprooted bicycles, electric scooters, safes and weapons from the classified site. Dhandguns, safes, jewelry, but also a host of scooters, bikes and other cast iron bins, it is a big game fishing in which the 33 divers from Lifras, La French-speaking league for … Read more

Italy. They pulled a fish out of the water and rubbed their eyes. She had a pig’s face

Naval officers sailed the waters off Darsena Medicea in Portoferraio on the Italian island of Elba. At first they thought they had come across sharkhowever, when they pulled the animal out of the water, they saw a rather surprising sight. Fish for it had a mouth like a pig. The men thought they had found … Read more

M.Šernius about J.Selby: in training he feels like a fish in water

Pasvalys “Pieno Žvaigždės” took changes in the coaches’ headquarters in the summer – after four years of work, Gediminas Petrauskas left the Aukštaitija club, which was replaced by a team familiar to the team’s fans. Mantas Šernius. The 38-year-old specialist worked at the Pasvalys club five years ago, and explained his return to the Milk … Read more

Very rare fish species are found in the Baltic Sea – fatty fish, sea urchin and halibut / Leaf herring / Article

During the research of the Baltic Sea reefs, this summer the researchers found very rare and protected fish species – fat fish, sea urchin and halibut, as well as obtained valuable data on the condition of the seabed habitats, the Nature Protection Board informed. A team of ichthyologists with a fishing vessel from the port … Read more

General news: “Armless Flying Fish” crowned four crowns in Chinese track and field, adding four more gold medals

  (Tokyo Paralympic Games) General news: “Armless Flying Fish” crowned with four crowns in Chinese track and field, adding four more golds China News Service, Tokyo, September 1st. On the eighth day of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, the Chinese delegation ushered in a landmark day-in the men’s 50m freestyle S5 finals, “armless flying fish” Zheng Tao … Read more

1,200 fish found dead in the stream at Rendeux (Rendeux)

The manager of the La Rousse fishing company in Rendeux is worried that the Le Durai stream in Rendeux-Haut is polluted. An observation made at the end of last week. «Results after partial counting: more than 1,200 dead fish and undoubtedly much more. There are 5 different species affected, including many groupers. The pollution is … Read more

Men in ancient Herculane ate an enormous amount of fish. But research has shown that women there have had a different diet

Archaeological research in the area of ​​the city of Herculaneum, which, together with Pompeii, was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79, showed that men and women had very different diets in ancient Rome. For example, men ate more fish and seafood on average than current Italians. Researchers from the University of York, … Read more

Almost all the fish died in Lake Orfű

Oxygen deficiency and changes in air pressure may have caused fish mortality, the causes of which are currently being investigated. As we wrote a few days ago, there was a shocking fish death in Lake Herman Ottó, which belongs to the Orfű lake system in Baranya County. The dead animals were collected in containers, of … Read more