Japan: its fish disclose its bank details

Mutekimaru, that’s his name, had the unpleasant surprise to realize that his bank details had been disclosed during a live two weeks ago. His concept is to film his fish playing the Switch, thanks to sensors with which they control the console remotely thanks to their movement. Except that while he was away, the fish … Read more

Tomatoes and Fish Become Astronaut Boosters, Proven to Reduce Exposure to Space Radiation

loading… NASA astronauts Scott Kelly (right) and Kjell Lindgren (center) with JAXA’s Kimiya Yui snacking on freshly harvested red romaine lettuce as part of an experiment. Photo/NASA TV/SPACE HOUSTON – Special diet or diet by adding fish, tomatoes and fruits, proven to improve health astronaut . From the simulations that were carried out for 45 … Read more

Daily Horoscope for January 31, 2023 | Your horoscope today in El Correo

Check your daily horoscope for January 31, 2023. What news will the stars bring us today? Today’s horoscope always with El Correo Check the prediction horoscope Today Tuesday, January 31, 2023, for your zodiac sign. Aries Continue with the loving relationship. Consult with an expert before risking your money. Don’t fight the inevitable and adapt … Read more

Betta Fish Are Trained to Play Streaming Games, Even Accidentally Broadcast Owner’s Credit Card Info

TOKYO, KOMPAS.com – A Japanese YouTuber made a special arrangement allowing his pet fish to play Pokemon on his Nintendo Switch. But that was the start of the disaster. The fish instead spent money on the eShop and revealed the owner’s credit card information on the live stream. YouTuber Mutekimaru alias Maurice, runs a channel … Read more

A fish uses its owner’s credit card and makes purchases with a Nintendo Switch

To achieve this, the fish would have created a Pay Pal account and changed the name of the owner’s profile thanks to motion detection software installed on his aquarium, thus giving him control of the video game console, reported the media CNN. . Also to read: The whole thing would have been filmed via a … Read more

Weird, Nintendo Playing Pet Fish and ‘Creaking’ Credit Cards

Jakarta – A pet fish in Japan plays video games and manages to mess up his master’s Nintendo Switch, change his avatar, create a Pay Pal account, and collect credit card bills. The fish in question belongs to a YouTuber known as Mutekimaru. His channel is popular among the gaming community because his videos feature … Read more

CPF launches “Jade fish” premium quality Raise a safe farming system without residue and friendly to the environment.

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF launches Jade Perch, a premium product with delicious taste and high nutritional value. Helps nourish nerve cells and skin fed with modern technology production process that meets international standards. and environmentally friendly Antibiotics were not used throughout parenting. To deliver quality, clean, safe food for good health … Read more

The Japanese live broadcaster used “fish” to play Pokémon fish, and actually helped him change his profile picture and steal his credit card

Instant Center / Reported by Lin Jieting A Japanese Youtuber “Mutekimaru (Invincible Pill)” used his pet fish to play the well-known Nintendo game “Pokémon”. Unexpectedly, the fish not only played the game for the owner, but also successfully logged into the Nintendo Switch when he was not paying attention store, changed the owner’s profile picture, … Read more

Japanese Youtuber’s Pet Fish Proven to Use Owner’s Credit Card, How come?

Japanese Youtuber’s pet fish seen committing credit card fraud on live streaming. <!– Array ( [0] => senggang [1] => unik ) –> REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — A YouTuber from Japan, Mutekimaru, became a victim of credit card fraud. The culprit turned out to be his own pet fish. Mutekimaru has a Youtube channel with the … Read more

What happens if I eat bad fish? “Caution”

Varieties of fish products have been extremely common for millennia and recognized by every form of culture and civilization, especially those that have historically had access to water sources. Fish in particular constitutes an important part of the alimentary apparatus, indeed often its consumption is recommended in any form. But what happens if you eat … Read more