Five accessories for less than 50 euros that will make your telework much easier

Everything indicates that the coronavirus pandemic has come to stay for several months and, with it, the confinements, curfews and restrictions of all kinds. In this situation, more and more employees are taking up teleworking to minimize the risk of contagion. Working from home is not a panacea, especially if you have been doing it … Read more

Analysis: the keys to the first week of the Tour de Rancia 2020 – Cycling – Sports

After nine stages, the leadership of Primoz Roglic, the second place of Egan Bernal and the onslaught of Tadej Pogacar, the Tour de France meets his first day of rest this Monday and these are the main conclusions of the initial part of the competition. 1. Roglic. Egan and Pogacar, the strongest. The Tour de … Read more

Coronavirus in Colombia: the five countries with which international flights would return – Sectors – Economy

Simultaneously with the request made by the Civil Aeronautics to the Ministry of Health on a concept to begin to reactivate international flights to and from the country, the aeronautical authority told the airline industry to prioritize the top five destinations with which aviation would start again to places abroad. (You may be interested in: … Read more

This is the Profile of the Exploding Ammonium Nitrate Orderer in Lebanon

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A devastating explosion occurred in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, on Tuesday (4/8). This tragic event gave rise to new stories and facts. This time the name Fábrica de Explosivos Moçambique (FEM) appeared to the public because they claimed to be pbuyer company ammonium the nitrates left in the port of … Read more

The province registered five new cases of Covid-19 and Rosario takes five days with no infections

The province registered five new cases of coronavirus, while in Rosario, there are no known new cases from five days ago, in the framework of the global pandemic of coronavirus. In both, there were no deaths and the number of deaths remains four, with a total of 412 confirmed cases (292 in study), of which … Read more

Botín affirms that Santander has accelerated its digitization “in five years” | Companies

Saying that teleworking is here to stay is already a no-brainer. But what would not seem so obvious is that it swept through the template. You are right. That is at least what emerges from a survey carried out by the Santander group among all its staff after the confinement that has kept the vast … Read more

Five reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies: the immunity of the digital dollar against the financial virus

In the local context, the need to safeguard the value of savings, to achieve positive returns on investments against the drop in rates and the limitation on the purchase of dollars and inflation are becoming increasingly complex challenges. This is how a new type of market based on blockchain emerges, which more and more Argentines … Read more

Five exercises to lose weight, tone your arms and eliminate sagging

One of the biggest problems we face as we get older, from a physical and aesthetic point of view, is the flaccidity of the arms. It does not matter that we are totally sedentary people or that we do sports in a more or less habitual way: eliminating flabby arms is really difficult and complicated … Read more

Hatching medical innovation in the face of respirator shortages | Companies

If there is something that has revealed the crisis for Covid-19, it is the shortage of supply of medical devices and medical devices, not only due to high demand, but also due to the globalization of production to the detriment of local manufacturing. This is what has happened, among others, with invasive ventilators, essential to … Read more

Five YouTube channels to exercise and lose weight during the running of the bulls

“Confinement It can’t be a reason to take a break from the gym. It must be faced as a challenge to mark distances from what some memes portend as visible weight gain for the survivors of the Covid-19, “he explains. Ruben Bravo, expert in dietetics and ‘fitness’ of the European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO). … Read more