Latest Nvidia GeForce Graphics Driver Fixes Critical Security Flaws

The latest graphics driver for Nvidia GeForce and Studio brings a lot of changes and new features. Security vulnerabilities fixes, as well as optimizations for upcoming PC games. With the new version 516.94 of the GeForce and Studio drivers, Nvidia fixes several security flaws and critical vulnerabilities. In total, the manufacturer fixed 14 potential flaws … Read more

Lenovo fixes three vulnerabilities in notebook firmware

With the new firmware update, the Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo has fixed three more vulnerabilities in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). The bugs affect over 70 Lenovo notebook models, such as “The Register” reported. In April of this year Lenovo has already had to close three security gaps of the same type in over … Read more

List of Stray Day 1 Patch Fixes

© For those who are looking forward to playing the Stray cat adventure game, in addition to downloading the game, you will have to download the patch on release day, which is not uncommon these days. Developer BlueTwelve Studios has listed the day one patch fixes, which include graphical tweaks, localization improvements, and more. Check … Read more

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition fixes a bug that caused games to crash

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Editionthe ambitious mod that improves different aspects of the classic survival horror from Konami to adapt it to modern computers, upgrade to version 2.0 and rebuilds the audio stream to address a persistent crash on multi-core processors that has plagued the game since its original release on PC (via PC Gamer). … Read more

Aspyr fixes KOTOR 2 bug on Nintendo Switch and is now playable

News By: Samuel Moreno | 01-07-22 A couple of weeks ago, a rather worrying bug was reported in “Star Wars: KOTOR 2 (Knights of the Old Republic 2)” that prevented players from being able to complete the game. Fortunately, this problem has already been fixed by Aspyrstudy in charge of the port, who paid attention … Read more

Windows 11, the KB5014668 update fixes a serious Wi-Fi problem

Microsoft fixes an important Wi-Fi failure in Windows 11 with a cumulative update. Optional, it is available through the Windows Update service. Downloading and installing it requires manual intervention. This Wi-Fi bug has been a known issue for a while now. It prevents certain devices from connecting to the Internet via a Wi-Fi access point. … Read more

Windows 11 and KB5014668, Microsoft fixes major bugs

Microsoft has been offering a new Windows 11 cumulative update, KB5014668, for a few hours. Optional, it is available through the Windows Update service. Downloading and installing it requires manual intervention. We are in the context of a Preview allowing to try in advance certain improvements which will be proposed during the next Patch Tuesday. … Read more

Microsoft fixes a serious zero-day flaw… but lets another one threaten users

Microsoft has patched 55 vulnerabilities in Windows, three of which were rated critical. In particular, the Follina zero-day flaw is fixed. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the zero-day DogWalk flaw, which remains active. Like every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft deploys its Patch Tuesday, a set of patches for Windows 10 and … Read more