Portaltic.-Xiaomi will present its flagship Xiaomi 13 and the MIUI 14 customization layer on December 1

MADRID, 28 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) – Xiaomi has set a date for presentation to its new model of ‘smartphones’ Xiaomi 13 and its version 13 Prowhich will come out next Thursday December 1, date on which the latest version of its customization layer, MIUI 14. The Chinese mobile phone company will present this new installment of … Read more

Huawei plans to launch its flagship P60 phones, with revolutionary specifications that are the first of their kind!

After the Chinese technology giant launched the Huawei Mate 40 series of phones in 2020, the series was able to reap very good results through all reviews thanks to its photographic capabilities. But the company was delayed for two years before it joined the Mate 50 series, but it seems that the Chinese company does … Read more

COOL Yamaha MX King 180 VVA 2023 Comes With a 180 CC Engine, Gahar and Sporty Designs Are the Flagship

BondowosoNetwork.com – Yamaha MX King The 180 VVA 2023 comes with fierce specifications and a super sporty design. With an engine capacity of 180 CC, Yamaha MX King This 180 VVA 2023 is ready to take the streets aggressively. Of course Yamaha MX King The 180 VVA 2023 is equipped with a number of advantages, … Read more

Why is that!? Leaked OPPO Find X6 Pro could be the thickest flagship in 2023 with a thickness of almost 10 mm.

As you know, today’s smartphones compete with each other in terms of serious cameras. Moreover, this flagship model offers larger and higher quality sensors until gradually increasing the thickness of the device that we do not notice at all. Recently, there is new information that the OPPO Find X6 Pro with a new set of … Read more

One-inch photosensitive element Zeiss camera system, vivo X90 series image flagship debut- Page 1- vivo discussion area

On the evening of November 22nd, vivo announced the vivo X90 series flagship imaging mobile phone, which is equipped with a Zeiss camera system with a one-inch sensor. At the same time, it debuted two flagship processors, MediaTek Dimensity 9200 and Qualcomm S8 Gen 2, and brought a new generation of V2 The imaging chip … Read more

Yamaha YH-5000SE flat-panel unit flagship headset: Equipped with its own orthodynamic flat-panel unit, from the inside to the outside! |Headphone information

Yamaha 5000 series flagship audio products have added another member. This time it is finally the turn of headphones. The new YH-5000SE is another headphone that uses its own orthodynamic flat-panel unit after the HP-1 launched by Yamaha in 1976. This unit is the earliest in the world. One of the tablet unit technologies applied … Read more

Lian-Li introduced the $500 flagship V3000 Plus case – it can build two PCs

Lian-Li introduced the V3000 Plus computer case. The novelty is a significantly updated version of the flagship model PC-V3000released by the manufacturer in 2017. The main feature of the V3000 Plus model is the support for three usage configurations, including the ability to build two PCs at once in one case. Image Source: Lian-Li In … Read more

Zenfone 9, Flagship Smartphone But Small Battery Capacity, Here’s the Explanation

Asus Zenfone 9 Selular.ID – The latest ASUS Zenfone 9 smartphone with flagship smartphone quality but the battery provided is not as big as other smartphone brands in its class, here’s the reason. ASUS Zenfone 9 has advantages from several aspects, and the most prominent is the use of the best chipset in its class, … Read more

We’ve got the full specs list for the flagship vivo X90 Pro, from dimensions to processor, battery and camera

On November 22, those from vivo will present the X90 series of phones on the Chinese market, and by far the most anticipated model will be vivo x90 pro – the flagship that received TENAA certification today. In this way, we discover all its specifications, from dimensions to details about the battery, processor and, of … Read more

OnePlus Ace 2 and Realme GT Neo 5 main specs leaked as second flagship smartphones

Leaked together 2 new flagship models from 2 brands, namely OnePlus Ace 2 and realme GT Neo 5, in which the realme version may skip Realme GT Neo 4 because it is not a very auspicious number for the Chinese side. Twitter @chunvn8888 reveals the specifications of the OnePlus Ace 2, which states that it … Read more