Rahmat Effendi Arrested by KPK, Bekasi City Government Office Page Flooded with Wreaths

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Wreaths flooded the courtyard of the Bekasi City Government Plaza on Jalan Ahmad Yani, South Bekasi, Monday, January 10, 2022. The wreaths were for Tri Adhianto appointed as the executor of the duties of the Mayor of Bekasi. Tri Adhianto, who was originally the Deputy Mayor of Bekasi, obtained a mandate from … Read more

The Rusniškės trestle does not save – the road is flooded

Rusniškis had to shake their heads on Saturday morning – a stretch of the newly built overpass found itself underwater at night. For the time being, the road is about five centimeters of water on the asphalt. However, it is possible that the water will still rise. Polaidis began to draw water from the surrounding … Read more

A shocking ad in areas flooded this summer

“Shocking in more than one way”: an advertisement from Brussels Airlines that goes badly in the Walloon disaster areas https://t.co/FuoqaN1et6 pic.twitter.com/AdcPdlMAiL – DH les Sports + (@ladh) January 7, 2022 At least two complaints have been lodged in Wallonia against an advertising poster for the airline company Brussels Airlines, reports the Belgian press agency Belgian. … Read more

“Rating” Taste check is flooded with dissatisfaction! “It’s unfair” “It’s not fair”-Maijitsu

Masatoshi Hamada (C) Maijitsu “Celebrity rating check!” Broadcast on January 1st! In “2022 New Year Special” (TV Asahi), there is controversy among program fans that there was an unfair problem. The program where entertainers form a team and challenge various checks. This time, “Team Actress” is Arisa Mizuki and Norika Fujiwara, “Team Japan’s HIROMI” is … Read more

From babies to teenagers, this hospital is flooded with young Covid-19 patients. This is what parents want others to know

His mother, Jevel Goff, had difficulty speaking. “This is really scary,” said Goff, trying to hold back the tears. At the same Houston hospital, 17-year-old Haley Mulanax is battling Covid-19 on a ventilator. She had never seen her 3 week old baby before as she had been in a medical coma for about a month. … Read more

From babies to teenagers, hospitals are flooded with young patients from Government 19. Here’s what parents want others to know

His mother, Caviel Koff, could not speak. “That’s scary,” Koff tried to hold back his tears. At the same Houston hospital, 17-year-old Haley Mulanox is battling Covid-19 on a ventilator. She had not seen her 3 week old baby since she had been in a medically induced coma for almost a month. Last week, average … Read more

Arya Saloka is Newly Surprised to the Location of the Love Bond, Immediately Flooded with Gifts, Princess Anne’s Husband: There Are Many

PortalJember.com – Started his career since 2011 in the entertainment world, Arya Saloka more and more popular because of soap operas starring Love Bond become a favorite spectacle during the pandemic. His stunning acting with Amanda Manopo made Arya Saloka become many female idols. No wonder the husband Princess Anne since 2017 it has also … Read more

In Brazil, water flooded over thirty municipalities and cities, two dams burst – ČT24 – Czech Television

“It’s crazy, waves of almost two meters have come,” salesman Luiz Constancia of Itabuna, a city of 2,000, told Reuters, where firefighters had to rescue residents trapped in their homes. Two dams in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia did not withstand the onslaught after two weeks of heavy rains. The Igua Dam on the … Read more

Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo Flooded With Year-End Bonuses

Jakarta – A number of badminton PB Djarum flooded with bonuses at the end of 2021. One of them Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo. Kevin pocketed a total bonus of Rp 500 million after achieving the best series of achievements so far this year. In addition to being one of the players who successfully brought the Thomas … Read more

In Palermo it rains relentlessly, streets and basements flooded, inconvenience to traffic. Video

In Palermo it has been raining non-stop since yesterday afternoon. Flooded streets, garages and cellars, the underpass in via Belgio closed to traffic for several hours, streets transformed into rivers, motorists trapped in cars. This is the scenario at dawn this morning. Discomfort also in via Matteo Bonello, in the Papireto area to which the … Read more