Netflix’ Edgerunners brings renewed flow to Cyberpunk 2077

<meta itemprop="headline" content="Netflix’ Edgerunners brings renewed inflow Cyberpunk 2077“/> Cyberpunk 2077 It’s getting interesting again: With currently almost 90,000 simultaneous Steam players, the game is enjoying growing popularity. A return to Cyberpunk 2077 While the number is a far cry from the more than a million people who played the game after it launched on … Read more

China Finds Lava Flow Layers on Moon

F. Reinaldo Nugraha Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – 19:00 WIB A A A A research team from China has found geological evidence that there are at least four layers of lava flows on the moon. According to a recent press release from China’s National Space Science Center (NSSC) Wednesday (21/9/2022), previously, the Change-5 unmanned spacecraft … Read more

Farewell forever.. Seeing the clip, tears flow along mother saying goodbye to son after cancer Can’t give chemo – fresh news

Farewell forever.. Seeing the clip, tears flow along mother saying goodbye to son after terminal cancer I can’t give chemo because I’m too skinny. Netizens flock to cheer Follow the news, press follow, live news On 20 Sep. 65 members TikTok Post a heart-wrenching clip. After losing her beloved mother, she will never return. … Read more

Traces of Wife’s Money Flow for Hiring Boss Killer ‘Sinar Minang’

Bandung – Neliwati spent tens of millions of rupiah in order to kill her own husband Khairul Amin, the boss of the Sinar Minang restaurant in Karawang Regency. The sadistic actions of Neliwati and 5 assassins were sentenced to 13 years in prison. Traces of the flow of money issued by Neliwati is contained in … Read more

Online Gambling Transactions Reach IDR 155 Trillion, Funds Flow to Civil Servants to Students

JAKARTA – The Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) states that transactions gambling online throughout 2022 to reach Rp 155.46 trillion. That value comes from 121 million transactions. “PPATK has received a report related to the transaction” gambling online 121 million transactions. The total amount is Rp. 155.46 trillion. So it’s really big,” said … Read more

International research team discovers lattice in plasma flow

The International Collaboration was able to gain unique yet profound insights into what is happening at the heart of active galaxies. Using data collected from telescopes around the world, the team was able to discover a long-suspected process in the galaxy’s active core plasma jet, BL Lacertae. Information information from the Technical University of Dortmund. … Read more

Versatile and portable gaming laptop Meet ASUS ROG Flow X16

Until recently, users had to make a difficult choice when buying a new laptop. There has always been a balance between performance and computer size, and while high performance and small size are desirable, they have been difficult to combine. But with today’s sophistication in manufacturing, laptops like the new ASUS ROG Flow X16 can … Read more

Imaging of a hydrodynamic electron flow without a Landauer–Sharvin impedance.

Electrical resistance usually arises from defects in the grid structure. But even an ideal lattice structure has a fundamental resistance limit, and this limit is determined by the conductive Landauer power, produced by a finite number of common electronic modes. This resistance, which Charvin explained that it appears at the contact points in the electrical … Read more

Here comes the roof on Russian oil. Moscow blocks gas – Economy

I G7 countries have decided to introduce a cap on the price of Russian oil, to cut Moscow’s revenues and limit the impact of the war on energy prices. At first, the Kremlin reacted by guaranteeing that it will not sell oil to those who apply the ‘price cap’. In the evening Gazprom did it … Read more

EU evaluates price cap on electricity produced without gas – Economy

Setting a ceiling on the price of electricity produced from sources other than gas to obtain resources with which to amortize the costs of bills. According to rumors confirmed by several sources, this would be the central point of the proposal contained in an unofficial document, a so-called ‘non-paper’, that the EU Commission intends to … Read more