Pink Floyd frontman gives reasons why he calls Joe Biden a war criminal

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, ATLANTA – Rock legend and band leader Pink Floyd, Roger Watersexplaining why he labeled US President Joe Biden a war criminal. The label is pinned Roger Waters in giant layers during his single “This Is Not A Drill” concert in America this week. Apart from Biden, Waters also criticized President Trump. Waters appeared in … Read more

Floyd Mayweather is the vice-champion of pollution. 1011 times higher than the average person

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. – Yard, a company that provides marketing information through digital platforms. Report information about celebrities who use private planes to travel to various places. which plays an important role in polluting the environment especially carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, it turns out that Floyd Mayweather, Jr., former world boxing champion The … Read more

Surprise – Dana refuses to fight Conor – Floyd

After Irish mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor accepted an invitation from American boxing legend Floyd Mayoise for a retaliatory duel, UFC President Dana White surprised everyone by saying he had no desire to see such a fight and was showing no interest. Of the upcoming bout, White said, “I have less than zero interest … Read more

Photo: ‘Pink Floyd’ drummer Nick Meison’s band performs in Riga with a psychedelic performance

On the evening of May 24 in the concert hall “Palladium“Legendary rock bands delighted rock music fans with a more than two-hour tour of the history of psychedelic rock”Pink Floyd“Drummer with the band” Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets. “ Content will continue after the ad Advertising Born in 1944, Nick Mason is one of the … Read more

An American policeman admits to “complicity” in the murder of George Floyd

One of the three police officers who did nothing during the killing of black American George Floyd by the Minneapolis police in Minnesota in 2020, has pleaded guilty to complicity in the manslaughter, and thus will avoid a trial that will begin in June, the state’s judiciary announced. Thomas Lane “admitted his responsibility in his … Read more

Florence, street vendor “tackled” to the ground like Floyd by the traffic police. He yells at her: “I can’t breathe.” Passers-by intervene

The episode dates back to April 5, but the strength of the images of the video that has been circulating on the internet for days push us to highlight what happened in Florence where some passers-by intervened to rescue a street vendor held on the ground by the plainclothes policemen who they had stopped for … Read more

VIDEO: After a break of almost 30 years, “Pink Floyd” is recording a song in support of Ukraine

After a break of almost 30 years, the legendary psychedelic rock band “Pink Floyd” has resumed playing music and recorded the song “Hey, Hey, Rise Up” in support of Ukraine. In their latest composition, the band remixed a Ukrainian folk song and recorded it together with the leader of the Ukrainian group “Boombox” Andrew Khlivnuk, … Read more

After 28 years, Pink Floyd returns to denounce the invasion of Ukraine

The legendary Rock band released their song Hey Hey Rise Up (feat. Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox) to protest against the War in Ukraine After almost three decades without creating new original music, the legendary British rock band Pink Floyd has come together again to support Ukraine. Of course, without their original bassist Roger Watters, with … Read more

Pink Floyd release new song 28 years later to protest war in Ukraine

Mark Savage BBC Music Correspondent 8 April 2022 image source, Getty Images A protest song against the Ukrainian war. That has been the reason why the band Pink Floyd met again to record his first new material in 28 years. The song Hey Hey, Rise Up! (“Hey, hey, get up!”)brings together David Gilmour Y Nick … Read more