Revealed, this is the reason the Madiun man went viral with his condition with the Singapore flu

Jakarta – Not long ago a viral man in Madiun named Satrio admitted he had the Singapore flu. Through his TikTok account, he uploaded his condition when he was exposed to the Singapore flu. Suddenly, the video immediately went viral and reaped various comments from netizens. So, what is the purpose of going viral on … Read more

Ketogenic diet boosts flu immunity?

The ketogenic diet is gaining popularity as one of the carbohydrate-restricted diets that avoid sugar, sweet fruits, and general starch-rich foods and consume as much energy as possible from fats such as nuts and butter. However, in an experiment using mice, this ketogenic diet was found to be effective in preventing influenza infection. The ketogenic … Read more

France has already lost € 1.2 billion in aid due to bird flu

Editorial Ruud Peijs correspondent in Great Britain, Ireland and France €800 million went to direct aid while a further €300 million was paid in contributions to improve biosecurity in the sector. The French ministry of agriculture has already spent € 1.2 billion in support for farmers and companies affected by the large bird flu epidemic. … Read more

Remember! This Is What Differentiates the Symptoms of Omicron BA.2.75 Vs the Common Flu

Jakarta – The spread of COVID-19 is increasing. Over the past three days, the number of positive cases surpassed the 6 thousand mark. Not only that, the number of deaths also increased because every day more than 10 people died. This increase needs to be watched out not only by health workers but also by … Read more