The city of Bruges confines its famous swans due to the threat of bird flu

The city of Witches (Brugge / Bruges), and la zona noroeste de Belgium, has among its attractions nature Y tourism with a large population of swans (Cygnus olor). The canals of the West Flanders capital have been home to various groups of these calm white birds since the Middle Ages, with a long collection of … Read more

Universal flu vaccine could help against other viruses

Influenza infects 1 billion people each year and its genetic shape-shifting means that vaccines aren’t always effective. Scientists around the world are searching for a flu shot that will offer lasting protection and even fight strains of the virus that don’t yet exist. This research might also be crucial in finding ways to immunize humans … Read more

the allies to stop the ‘perfect storm’ of flu and COVID

The perfect Storm”. It is the simile that experts often use to define the looming scenario due to the coexistence of seasonal flu and other respiratory viruses with the COVID-19 pandemic starting this fall. It is the expression used in the parliamentary commission by Amós García, head of the Epidemiology section in the General Directorate … Read more

Consulate of Mexico in New Orleans offers free COVID-19 tests and flu vaccines

The Mexican consulate in New Orleans is offering periodic COVID-19 tests and now seasonal influenza vaccines. Both services are available to everyone living in the state of Louisiana and Mississippi and are completely free. “After the pandemic, the consulates sought to have a rapprochement with the community. One of them, and the most important, is … Read more

No Cost Flu Vaccines and COVID-19 Testing

DOWNLOAD OFFICIAL FLYER Protect your health with the flu shot and COVID testing. Amid COVID concerns, don’t forget that the flu can cause serious illness and complications, especially in vulnerable populations. Get your free flu shot and free COVID-19 test from San Bernardino County at one of the following locations: ● Arroyo Valley High School, October … Read more

A study says that the coronavirus survives on the skin five times longer than the flu

The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) He has lived with humanity for less than a year and still continues to surprise. A week ago Australian scientists claimed that it could survive 28 days at 20 degrees on surfaces such as plastic and steel, and now they have found another feature. According to a group of Japanese researchers, … Read more

Coronavirus | Flu Vaccine 2020: Who Should Get It and Possible Reactions and Side Effects

The Spanish autonomous communities have already started the 2020 flu vaccination campaign. This year vaccination has been advanced to reduce the incidence of influenza during the winter months. He Ministry of Health has emphasized the importance of vaccination this year to avoid a health collapse with cases of flu and coronavirus. In addition, avoiding contracting … Read more

A Japanese study ensures that the coronavirus survives on the skin five times longer than the flu – Télam

The research team examined the skin obtained from autopsies, approximately one day after death. The coronavirus remains active on human skin for nine hours, five times longer than the flu virus, according to a study by a group of Japanese researchers published in a scientific journal, reinforcing, they noted, the need to wash hands with … Read more

Avigan, the flu drug that offers promising results for treating COVID-19

Fujifilm Holdings Corp Pharmaceutical Company has announced that it is seeking approval from Avigan as a COVID-19 treatment in Japan. Is about a commonly used flu medicine and the request comes after being verified in a clinical study that patients with coronavirus they quickly overcame the disease after receiving it. The company reported that had … Read more