Flu and covid, clogged wards. Gianfreda: responsibility is needed • newsrimini.it

Hospitals due to the flu and Covid are clogging up. underlines it thecouncilor for health policies of the Municipality of Rimini Kristian Gianfreda which invites citizens to behave responsibly. There is no longer the covid that fills the intensive but the flu peak is already on its way, she explains. The group most subject to … Read more

Flu: symptoms, how to protect yourself and what complications can arise

MARGUERITA DE BAC (THE CORRIER OF THE EVENING) Updated Monday, December 5, 2022 – 09:26 Influenza is one of the few infectious diseases that an individual can experience several times throughout their life and can manifest in different levels of severity and even require hospitalization. Flu Vaccine Campaign.edward brionesEP investigation RNA technology to make a … Read more

7 herbs that help you fight cold and flu

We don’t really pay attention to our respiratory system except when we encounter problems. According to nationalgeographic.com, we take an average of 22,000 breaths each day. When these thousands of breaths become deficient, we look for solutions. Some are very handy. Here are seven natural remedies to deal with the challenges that arise especially in … Read more

The flu season is now underway in Västerbotten – ahead of the rest of Sweden

Last week, 53 people were diagnosed with this year’s flu – an increase from 14 people the week before. Thus, the flu season has started in Västerbotten – earlier than in the rest of the country. – We get an early first peak and there may be several peaks in the future, says Gunilla Persson. … Read more

Natural Ingredients to Relieve Flu and Colds Page all

KOMPAS.com – Flu and have a cold is a disease that often attacks when the immune system is weak, or the weather is uncertain. Sufferer flu and colds can feel symptoms such as fever, body chills, headaches, muscle aches, nasal congestion, dry cough, to sore throat. In such conditions, drugs in pharmacies are usually the … Read more

The United States is facing the worst wave of bird flu in its history

Since February this year, the H5N1 virus has caused a real disaster in American farms: 52.7 million birds have died. Experts note that even during the summer, when the contagion is lower, it did not lead to the exit from the epidemic, reports Courrier international. The US is going through an unprecedented avian crisis, due … Read more

The flu is spreading throughout Italy, the ISS: peak incidence, Sardinia does not provide data

The flu in Italy strikes like it hasn’t happened since 2010. The data of the latest Influnet monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health say it: the contagion, on a population that for years has worn masks to defend itself from the coronavirus, it arrived first and spread very quickly. In the week from 21 … Read more