Dengue: 10,500 suggestive cases since the start of the epidemic

The spread of the virus is widespread throughout the country. Over the past few weeks, we have seen a rebound in the number of new confirmed cases in most municipalities in southern Martinique. The current meteorological conditions are favorable to the development of peri-domestic larval sites; It is essential to be extra vigilant to avoid … Read more

The dengue epidemic continues in Martinique

The dengue epidemiological surveillance indicators indicate the continuation of the epidemic in Martinique. The spatial distribution of biologically confirmed cases shows a very active viral circulation throughout the territory and particularly within the municipalities of the Center and North of the island. The South is nevertheless still affected by the epidemic, in particular the municipality … Read more

Covid-19: seven new cases confirmed since Friday in Guadeloupe

As one might have feared, the viral progression of the coronavirus continues in Guadeloupe. In an official statement, the ARS and the prefecture announced that they had registered seven new positive Covid-19 cases since last Friday in the department. As a reminder, the authorities had confirmed 62 people infected during the week of July 25 … Read more

Trois-Îlets fishermen oppose a trap fishing ban

Tired of the restrictions, the fishermen of Trois-Ilets demonstrated on Sunday morning. They gathered at Anse à l’Âne to denounce a situation they no longer tolerate. They are indeed prohibited from fishing with the trap in an area near the coast. According to environmental police officers from the French Office for Biodiversity, this ban is … Read more

Comet Neowise visible from Guadeloupe

Discovered only a few weeks ago, on March 27, comet NeoWise created the event and the enchantment of all astronomy enthusiasts. To find it, it’s pretty straightforward right now. Turn to the northwest horizon at around 10 p.m., as the first stars begin to appear, and look in that direction for the constellation Ursa Major. … Read more

DENGUE: the epidemic is progressing widely in the South

During the last four weeks, clinically suggestive cases of dengue have been reported in 19 of the 34 municipalities of Martinique. Four municipalities in the south of Martinique have an incidence of at least 40 cases per 10,000 inhabitants (Le Diamant, Sainte-Luce, Le Marin and Sainte-Anne). In addition to two municipalities in the Far North … Read more

Coronavirus: 8 new cases including 7 imported by plane

Since Saturday, July 18, 1,664 additional tests have been carried out in town and at the hospital, with a total number of 15,235 tests carried out in the territory. 176 people are declared cured by infectious disease specialists. The improving epidemic situation in Guyana did not lead to welcoming new Guyanese patients. Since July 18, … Read more

Chlordécone IV plan steering committee meeting

The Chlordécone IV plan continues with a meeting of the steering committee organized this Friday afternoon at the Fouillole campus. A committee that brings together government departments, socio-professionals, associations. An update was made on the contributions of the thematic working groups. Citizen consultation will soon be launched so that the entire population can also participate … Read more

Jellyfish: what are the dangers in Guadeloupe?

The man who had been evacuated by helicopter after a strong reaction following jellyfish stings, Tuesday evening, is better, we learned Wednesday. This case was apparently isolated, the emergency services not having noticed an increase in calls for this type of intervention in recent weeks in the archipelago. However, a bite can be fatal for … Read more