Three economists on Swedish food prices: That’s why they are so high

During 2022, the rate of price increase for Swedish foodstuffs has been somewhat higher than the average for the EU and highest of the Nordic countries. What can explain the development? Three economists, from the trade union organization LO, from Swedish Business and Industry and the industry organization Livsmedelsföretagen give their view on the matter … Read more

Nutritional tips for preparing a healthy and beneficial dish of “Zanoud El Set” dessert

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — “Zanoud al-Sit” dessert is famous in the Levant, especially during Ramadan and holidays. It consists of crispy baklava dough, rolled and stuffed with cream and pudding, and decorated with syrup and pistachios. In order to prepare it in a healthy and nutritious way, the clinical nutritionist, Dina Jamal Qeshta, … Read more

Why families and households in the Bucaramanga metropolitan area do not have money to buy clothes, shoes and food, and cannot save

Ehe protagonist of this story is Éder Vásquez, an informal merchant who makes a living selling belts on the corner of 37th Street and 15th Street. In his 14 years as an informal vendor, it is the first time he has felt the hard blow of the economic crisis that Colombia is going through and, … Read more

Explosion at the Estrie Food Development Center: possible class action

The day after the filing of the CNESST report on the explosion that devastated the Center de valorisation de l’aliment de l’Estrie, some former tenants are not closing the door to a possible legal action. According to lawyer Me Annie-Élizabeth Girard, of the Girard lawyers firm, various options are possible, including that of civil liability … Read more

Malmedy: ten students from Thuin hospitalized following food poisoning in Bévercé

The night was complicated for these 2nd secondary students from the Notre-Dame de Thuin institute. While they were staying at the Bévercé youth hostel in Malmedy, as part of a green class, several of them were victims of food poisoning. “There were first symptoms last night (read Thursday night) and in the middle of the … Read more

The cure for anemia and B12 deficiency is in this food! The disease that eats this food does not know what it is – Gallery

People with anemia are generally recommended to consume foods containing iron, folic acid and vitamin B12. Depending on the level of anemia, the solution to this problem can be provided with foods. So, what are the blood-forming foods? Specialist Dietitian Gözde Karaca listed the foods that cure B12 deficiency and iron deficiency…

Ultra-processed food – a worst thing for health – VLT

This is a debate post.The writers are responsible for the opinions. Cancer cases are steadily increasing since a long time. Type 2 diabetes has increased a lot in recent years. A number of food allergies have shown a sharp increase. Adhd, dementia etcetera are becoming more and more common. Region Västmanland’s care is heavily burdened … Read more

Colombia, seventh country in the world where food has risen the most

According to the latest report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Colombia is one of the countries in the world where food prices have risen the most, which explains why so many households spend the same money, but are enough for less market. According to the agency, Colombia is the seventh country … Read more