“There are people who are eating pet food and heating their food with candles”: the impact of inflation in the UK

Writing BBC News World December 6, 2022 Some people resort to feeding on pet food while others try heating food on a radiator. This was denounced by Mark Seed, director of a community food project in Trowbridge, in the east of Cardiff, the capital of Wales. BBC analysis of 2021 census data suggests that six … Read more

a second wave of food price hikes expected next year

Companies in the sector have not been spared the consequences of the war in Ukraine in recent months. Soaring energy prices, logistical problems and rising raw material prices have pushed up production costs and therefore, ultimately, prices for consumers. In November, food prices were 15% higher than a year earlier. And Fevia does not see … Read more

Food stamps are already being produced in a Russian city

“The authorities of the Tula region are working on updating documents related to the provision of food and non-food products to the population. Such activities are provided for by law” – such a statement is quoted by the local website “Tulskie Novosti”. The recording shows printed labels for meat, milk or fish products. It is … Read more

Amazing fast food is coming to the Czech Republic. McDonalds and KFC are afraid of him

While some large chains are ingloriously leaving the Czech Republic, others are coming. Fortunately, nothing will change in this crisis. On the contrary, there is one of the biggest catches in recent years. An important fast food chain will enter the Czech Republic. Traditional offer It is nothing less than the Popeyes brand, which is … Read more

The main cause of rot in the joints! Scientists explained: “Do not consume this food!”

HIGH PROCESSED FOODS Ultra-processed items such as fast food, cereals, and baked goods are typically high in refined grains, added sugar, preservatives, and other potentially inflammatory ingredients, all of which arthritis may worsen symptoms. Research suggests that Western diets rich in heavily processed foods may increase your risk of rheumatoid arthritis by contributing to risk … Read more

Hundreds of people stated that they made the same mistake before they had a heart attack! Quadruple the risk of heart attack

It is known that smoking, having diseases such as cholesterol and diabetes, and obesity are among the factors that increase the risk of heart attack. A heart attack can put health at great risk and can lead to fatal consequences. Heart attack survivors have admitted to the big mistake they made before they had a … Read more

A large Czech store started selling food at the old prices. Eggs, sugar and butter significantly cheaper, completely fresh

Czechs are experiencing another wave of food price hikes, although for a while it seemed that the situation would calm down and improve. However, the opposite is true, and basic necessities in particular are literally flying up. Anyone who wants to buy eggs, butter or sugar today has to dig much deeper into their pockets … Read more

Without money and food. End of olive picking increases immigrants in the streets of Beja | reporting

With the end of olive picking expected in the next few days, this year conditioned by a drastic drop in production volume, it is expected that the number of immigrants homeless increase in the streets of Beja and in the neighboring municipalities of Serpa, Ferreira do Alentejo, Cuba and Vidigueira.