Vitamin D deficiency: symptoms, natural remedies, supplements and foods

Vitamin D, a common deficiency for many Precisely in this period of the year, when the sky is always veiled and we spend less time outside the house in the open air, the frequency with which people show a vitamin D deficiencyone of the most important for the health of the organism. Vitamin D deficiency … Read more

CPI rises more than expected in November and year-on-year inflation scales above 13% | Economy

In November ten of the twelve divisions that make up the CPI basket contributed positive incidences in the monthly variation of the index. Among them, food and non-alcoholic beverages (1.7%) and transportation (1.3%) stood out. In November the Consumer Price Index (CPI) posted a monthly increase of 1,0%above what the analysts estimated, accumulating an increase … Read more

They open veins like a drill. These foods have so many benefits.

Foods that are good for atherosclerosis have always been curious. When you consume these foods, you take early precautions against vascular occlusion. Clogged blood vessels as a result of unbalanced nutrition increase the risk of death. A large proportion of people with an unhealthy diet may have atherosclerosis problem. Warning about vascular occlusions, Dr. Muammer … Read more

What are weight loss fruits? What are fast weight loss foods?

AVOCADO Avocado is consumed fondly thanks to its nutritious feature. The benefits of avocado, which is a storehouse of vitamins, are endless. Avocado both protects health and provides beautification of the skin. In addition, avocado helps to lose weight when consumed regularly. Avocado, when consumed regularly, gives a feeling of satiety throughout the day. This … Read more

3 types of foods that are really good for your brain and memory

Are forgetfulness more common in your routine? Meet some memory foods that contribute to brain health 3 dez 2022 – 10h07 (updated at 9:43 pm) food for memory Foto: Shutterstock / Sport Life As the old saying goes: “when the head doesn’t think, the body suffers”. And, in times of multitasking routine, forgetting important things … Read more

These five foods can be included in the diet to reduce cholesterol – Cholesterol Health

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the blood. The body needs a certain amount of cholesterol in the process of building cells. But when its quantity is more than necessary, it can cause damage to the organs including the heart. Cholesterol build-up in the arteries can lead to life-threatening complications such as heart attacks … Read more

Alert! These are 7 Foods that Trigger High Blood Sugar Levels

Jakarta – The condition of high blood sugar levels is risky for health. To prevent this, be aware of consuming foods that trigger high blood sugar levels, including these 7 foods. The concentration of glucose in the blood is usually used as a guide for measuring blood sugar. Other names are blood sugar level, blood … Read more

Hypothyroidism, foods rich in iodine that cannot be missing from the diet of those with thyroid problems

«Those who have problems with thyroid must pay particular attention to optimizing the amount of iodine taken through the diet“. This is stated by the professor Silvia Migliaccio, specialist in Endocrinology and Nutrition, president of the Italian Food Society. «In Italy – he says – we have a lack of iodine in the area and … Read more