8 Blood Sugar Lowering Foods that are Worth Consuming in the Fasting Month

Blood sugar is the sugar content found in red blood cells. Excess levels can allegedly endanger the condition of the body. It is important to pay attention to blood sugar. For example by maintaining a diet and routinely checked. Related to that, this time Katadata.co.id will discuss more about a number of blood sugar-lowering foods … Read more

Rarely Known, These 7 Delicious Foods Can Help You Lose Weight!

For many people, dieting can be difficult and scary. This is related to the stigma that the culprit must be highly committed to staying away from good food. Nutritionists also agree that fried foods, sweet dishes, and processed foods are the main enemies that trigger diet failure. However, did you know that diet doesn’t have … Read more

The foods that fill you up more at the table, the classification according to science

Eating foods that contain a good amount of protein allows you to curb your appetite, promoting a sense of satiety. However, everything must be balanced with a correct amount of carbohydrates. With the right balance between these two elements you will have a longer digestion and consequently the sense of hunger will go away

10 foods to cure constipation, rich in fiber Techniques to eat 400 grams of vegetables and fruits per day : PPTVHD36

Constipation, a problem that cannot be told to anyone But have to endure the discomfort, abdominal pain and may have additional pain in the anal area as well Do you know if you leave it for a long time? May increase the risk of various diseases, including hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, or even more serious, … Read more

Here Are Some Types Of Healthy Foods That Make You Fat Fast! Not Suitable for Diets

POSFLORES.COM   | The human body requires a variety of nutrients. This is to keep the body healthy and growth that can run optimally. Therefore consuming healthy food is highly recommended especially in the process of one’s growth. Healthy food is food that contains various kinds of nutrients needed by the body. Also Read: Manage Your … Read more

6 Foods High in Cholesterol that You Must Avoid, One of which is Fried Food

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Did you know that the food consumed every day can affect levels cholesterol inside the body? If you want to maintain heart health and prevent cardiovascular disease, you need to pay attention to the type of food consumed. Reporting from Healthline, here are several types high cholesterol foods which should be avoided: … Read more

DKI Ensures Staple Foods are Safe Even though Warehouses are Fired for Hours

Jakarta – A rented warehouse owned by Food Station in Cipinang Village, Pulogadung District, East Jakarta burnt great. The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government ensures that the stock is safe even though it is a warehouse burnt hours. Is known fire This warehouse is located on Jalan Pisangan Lama Timur, Pisangan Timur Village, Pulo Gadung District, … Read more

These foods are perfect for anemia.

Iron deficiency anemia, which develops due to iron deficiency and is defined as ‘anemia’ among the people, affects many people, especially children and pregnant women. Studies have shown that one out of every two pregnant women in our country has iron deficiency.Iron is an important mineral that plays a role in vital processes such as … Read more

These 3 Foods Turn Out to Help Overcome Canker sores, you know

Foods that can overcome canker sores. Parapuan.co – Canker sores in the mouth certainly make Friend Puan feel uncomfortable and disturbing. Canker sores often cause pain and burning, especially when used for eating, drinking, or when touched. It’s no wonder that this condition will greatly affect your appetite. Someone who has canker sores will experience … Read more