Weather forecast: wind and sometimes stormy showers

Clouds and clearings will share the sky this Saturday, announces the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM). The showers, quite rare in the morning, will be more numerous in the afternoon with a risk of thunderstorms in the east of the country. The sun should return to the coastal region during the afternoon. On the temperature side, … Read more

Weather, it is hot alert: here are the cities with a red dot. The weather forecast

Rome, 30 July 2021 – Forecast totally respected: it will be a weekend dedicated to great heat in many Italian cities: there are six marked for today since red dot according to the Ministry of Health which monitors 27 urban centers. Also tomorrow, Saturday 31 August, the same six cities will have the red sticker … Read more

Temperatures will go down at the weekend, more heavy storms and rain are waiting for us

On Thursday during the day it should be mostly almost clear to partly cloudy, in the morning fog may appear in places. Showers should appear only occasionally in the mountains during the day. The highest daily temperatures will be around 24 to 28 ° C, in the southeast and east of the republic it can … Read more

RI-Malaysia Economic Horror Forecast Scan Corona Hit

Jakarta – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has revised its projections economic growth 2021 Asian countries. This projection fell to 7.2% from lower than the previous target in April of 7.3%. This projection was cut following the spread of the new variant of the COVID-19 virus in several countries. The new variant has hampered the … Read more

Global climate change: forecast of how the weather will change

In the coming decades, humanity will suffer from very high air temperatures, which will break all records in various parts of the planet. According to scientists, the Earth will be covered by periods of heat waves. This was stated by experts Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich… The results of their scientific work published a … Read more

Demand forecast for Krafton is poor… Is the Great Fish Undefeatable Official Break?

Enter 2021.07.28 06:22 Edited 2021.07.28 06:44 The size of the public offering is large and the public offering is high, so institutions are passive The competition ratio among big fish is over 1000:1, but I’m alone in the triple digits There is also a place where I wrote the lower part of the desired price.. … Read more

The tropical summer is not over, it will not rain much. Great prediction for the month

Temperatures usually between 25 and 30 degrees and clear skies without rain. According to meteorologists, this should be the second half of the summer holidays. But the tropical thirties will only be on the thermometer sometimes. CHMI assumes that August will be average to slightly below average. At week from July 26 to August 1 … Read more

Weather forecast, still strong thunderstorms but from Thursday a super heat wave

Last day of bad weather in the North e in particular in Lombardy but until tomorrow Italy will still be split in two: strong storms in the North, sunshine thanks to the anticyclonic domination in the South. From tomorrow, Wednesday 28 July, however, the scenario is destined to change, with the African anticyclone that will … Read more

Weather forecast: more thunderstorms and hail. Then more powerful heat wave of the summer

Rome, 27 July 2021 – It will be a very difficult week on the front weather forecast: before ‘classic’ bad weather, the one made of showers and thunderstorms. Then the one characterized by muggy and hot. the weather forecast from they say that up to Wednesday 28 July our country will still be split … Read more