Unusual, ATP > Nadal does not forget Federer with a very special gift

As Roger Federer celebrated his 41st birthday on Monday August 8, 2022, Rafael Nadal did not forget his rival and friend. Via the Twitter account of his academy created in 2016, the Spaniard therefore wished a happy birthday to the Swiss while recalling that the academy had recently had a very special suite named Roger … Read more

B seat: Guardiola will not let you relax one day and never forget the elimination by Real Madrid last season – yqqlm

Original title: B seat: Guardiola will not let you relax one day and never forget being eliminated by Real Madrid last season B seat: Guardiola will not let you relax one day and never forget being eliminated by Real Madrid last season Live it on August 10th. In the first round of the Premier League … Read more

No mercy, PSIS Semarang closes its eyes, begins to forget the ‘star’ label player Taisei Marukawa?

PotensiBadung.com – PSIS Semarang doesn’t seem to want to bother about the attacks of netizens on Taise Marukawa. Mainly in the comments column of the team’s official social media PSIS Semarang, which is still full of innuendos towards their star players, Taise Marukawa. PSIS Semarang seemed to turn a blind eye to all of that … Read more

New VW boss: Forget about cheap cars. Before long, 25,000 euros will be a ‘good price’ – Magazín – Auto

Small cars will probably become more expensive in such a way that their production will no longer be profitable for car companies. Volkswagen is even considering whether it is even worth it to start the development of the new Golf 9. Photo: Skoda car Thomas Schäfer, the current head of Volkswagen and the former head … Read more

Forget the last minute, there is no room. Czechs’ interest in tours is record high

Energy is at a record high, inflation has exceeded 20 percent and Czechs are starting to save – but in at least one case, this is not the case. Interest in the holiday is record high. “We have never had more clients, this is our historic year,” says Jiří Jelínek from DER Touristik EE in … Read more

“60€ if you don’t bring a cake for your birthday, double if you forget your flip flops in the shower”: the surprising rules imposed by Gerrard on his players

Steven Gerrard does not mess with his players. The Liverpool legend, now Aston Villa manager since last November, has drawn up a list of strict rules his players must follow if they want to avoid being fined. Sometimes very surprising rules. In the event of a delay in training, the players of the Villains will … Read more

Forget Bohemians! heard Chramost from Horejš. Who are they counting on in Jablonec?

A year ago, Chramost was happy to leave the North Bohemian team and it seemed that he would not add any more to the ninety duels in the green and white jersey. Now, however, he once again belongs to the trio of selected attackers. “If Jablonec had any problem, it was with scoring goals. We … Read more

Forget everything you know! Good news for those with neck hernia

Pointing out that the disc and facet joints allow movements, bending, and turning the neck and back, Opr. Dr. Ulaş said, “The disc consists of a hard outer layer called ‘anulus fibrosus’ and a gel-like central structure called ‘nucleus pulposus’. With aging, the central structure of the disc may begin to lose its water content … Read more