WC football | The Qataris did not forget. They en masse complemented the farewell with the Germans in the studio with an eloquent gesture

Before the match against Japan, the Germans made a gesture to express their dissatisfaction with the fact that they are being “silenced” when FIFA orders that they cannot wear the rainbow accessories to their kit, specifically the LGBT-supporting captain’s armband. The Germans and not only them bit the restrictions hard. However, FIFA made a clear … Read more

“If we do nothing, history will forget us”

Just recently, we learned that Justin Trudeau’s federal government intended to raise immigration thresholds to 500,000 new arrivals per year by 2025. We know that this immigration policy meets the objective of making Canada a territory inhabited by 100 million Canadians by 2100, while currently, the country does not even have 40 million people. In … Read more

Chris Sutton: Forget Maradona’s “hand of God”, now Ronaldo’s “hair of God” is in fashion. Shamelessly! Messi has a contract with adidas – I’m sure it will lead to conspiracy theories” – Football

Chris Sutton spoke emotionally about the first goal Portugal in the game with Uruguay (2:0). At the 54th minute, the Portuguese team opened the scoring in the match against Uruguay. At first, the goal was credited to Ronaldo, but later it turned out that the 37-year-old probably did not touch the ball with his head. … Read more

Christmas 2022: Forget kitsch, naturalness, white color and fake tooth of time are in fashion this year

Trends Karin Snýdrová 28. 11. 2022 The first Sunday of Advent is behind us, so it’s high time to start decorating for Christmas. You can achieve a festive atmosphere with the help of various decorations, which simply must not be missing in the interior. This year’s trends are dominated by natural materials, subtle shades and … Read more

Don’t forget men • RESPECT

Once every three years, a wave of envy regularly rises in the world’s media. Its source is regularly Finland, a numerically small country in the north of Europe with remarkable results in education. The international agency PISA, established by the developed countries of the OECD, always publishes the results of comparative tests, and Finland always … Read more

Done with corona, but don’t forget the unfortunate | Commentary

If we let this happen, no one will be safe The news of Amalia’s threat is spreading all over the world. It is therefore unprecedented that she cannot live safely in her Amsterdam student house. It says something about the state of our country and that cannot be without consequences, writes political reporter Hans van … Read more

Ukraine war: Russia reports conquests in Donetsk – Zelenskyj: “We don’t forget anyone”

Zelenskyj: “It’s pure hell” Russia reports successes in Donetsk 11/15/2022, 10:46 am (updated) While the people of Kherson celebrate their liberation, the nightmare for the people of Donetsk continues. According to the Russian army, they conquered two places. Ukrainian President Selenskyj speaks of particularly violent attacks. Russia’s Defense Ministry has reported a minor success in … Read more

Discovered that the “first love video” was hidden on the mobile phone for 3 years, and the wife was furious: I can’t forget that I will fulfill you | International | CTWANT

what will you do? There is a woman in Zhumadian, Henan, China. When she was looking through her husband’s mobile phone, she accidentally found a hidden file folder. She tapped to develop and now there are 4 videos. They are her husband’s first love. What do you mean? If you can’t forget her, I’ll make … Read more

Jaromír Jágr: Dad won’t forget this

Jaromir Jagr the elder soon understood that his son was born to perform at his best on the ice. That is why he also encouraged the legendary sixty-eight to improve as much as possible. And it certainly wasn’t free. Negotiations in Poland, Ukraine without electricity! Shocking video of teacher and student. And Jágr is grieving, … Read more