Pizza party in Fortnite: A new object to recover health and shield

today, January 25 from 2022, Fortnite: Battle Royale has received a new object via a small content update. From now on, in the current Season 1: Back, the players can find pizza party boxes for the battle island, a special item that will allow us recover health and shield to survive longer in the game. … Read more

Fortnite welcomes Vi, another of the protagonists of Arcane

Great news for the entire community of Fortnite players is that Epic Games welcomes another of the protagonists of the popular Arcane Netflix series. After Jinx’s explosive debut in Fortnite, her sister Vi jumps onto the Island to join her. Something that seems quite curious to us is that the character based on Arcane, the … Read more

Roll-by and Hawkeye scramble for ‘Fortnite’… This year’s collaboration ing

(Export News Correspondent Choi Ji-young) The role characters Bai and Hawk High appear in ‘Fortnite’. Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Seong-cheol), the Korean subsidiary of Epic Games, announced that ‘League of Legends’ champions ‘Bye’ and ‘Hawkeye’ Clint Barton and Kate Bishop have joined ‘Fortnite’, which it is developing and servicing. . In commemoration of the … Read more

Steps to download Fortnite 2022 version and compete with the PUBG game

Fortnite, with its new release 2022, is one of the favorite combat games for many users, and this game competes with the famous Buggy game, and there is a large search through Google on how to download the new version of the FORTNITE game, and Ipec Games, the developer of the game, provides many versions … Read more

Fortnite, LOL Champion By, and Marvel’s Hawkeye Collaborate

▲ “For now, one hit!” Vi joins Fortnite (Photo: Epic Games Korea) Epic Games announced on the 24th that Fortnite, which is being developed and serviced by Epic Games, has joined the League of Legends champion ‘Bye’ and the characters of the Marvel Universe ‘Hawkeye’, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. This is the second collaboration … Read more

The main characters of the animated series “Arcane” appeared in Fortnite

Developers from Epic Games announcedthat the list of characters of the popular network action Fortnite has been replenished with recognizable persons. We are talking about Vi and her sister Jinx – the heroines of League of Legends. Recall, just before the premiere of the Arcane animated series on Netflix, Riot Games entered into a partnership … Read more

Fortnite and League of Legends join forces to bring us Vi, from Arcane, to the popular battle royale

Jinx will return from Piltover to unleash mayhem in this collaboration with the Riot Games franchise. Arcane, the series of League of Legends from netflix was a phenomenon in this past 2021, reaching the top of the most watched series on the platform worldwide and receiving 9 nominations at the Annie Awards, considered as ‘the … Read more

Fortnite: what happens if we get on the back of a Klombo dinosaur | Battle Royale | EpicGames | video games | SPORT-PLAY

Epic Games always keep your video game up to date Fortnite. Just a few days ago, gamers were surprised by the arrival of storms and tornadoes, and now it’s time to welcome the Klombo dinosaurs. These are huge creatures that walk around the map and with whom you can interact. They are located north of … Read more

Vi d’Arcane/League of Legends is coming to Fortnite; All we know

The arrival of Fortnite Battle Royale patch 19.10 brought a new Arcane character to the game’s file system: League of Legends. Nothing more and nothing less than Vi is coming to Fortnite. We tell you everything we know about the new Vi skin, which belongs to Season 1 of Chapter 3 of the Fortnite Battle … Read more

Fortnite Tornadoes update on new chapter Hotfix Season 1

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