You have children, you live longer

Men and women who have at least one child have a “lower risk of death” compared to non-parents, according to a study of nearly 1.5 million subjects, published Tuesday Fathers are better off in this regard, says the Swedish team of scientists in the “Journal of Epidemiology Community Health”, informs AFP. The researchers studied the … Read more

They stayed in bed for a week and ate 6,000 calories a day

An experiment designed to highlight the effects of the diet of most Americans involved more subjects staying in bed for seven days, during which time they consumed food totaling 6,000 calories a day. In order for the subjects not to make any effort, they stayed in the hospital during the experiment, he informs Daily Mail. … Read more

Free Tutoring : Animal Body 3 |

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Panel coughing if you approach it with lit cigarette (Video)

When smokers approach a billboard near a Stockholm subway station, something unusual happens. Smart advertising is starting to cough. The billboard was installed by a Swedish pharmaceutical chain, which wants to encourage smokers to quit addiction, shows CNN. At first glance, the panel shows a simple photo with a male model. But when a smoker … Read more

I want to study medicine but I’m getting discouraged from reading books |

Hello, I have to tell you that I just found out that I want to study medicine in the 6th semester. which is known to be a slower preparation than others But I think that whether we prepare late or early, if we put in enough effort we will succeed. So I tried to read … Read more

Change the name to a new machine? The hardware material is enough!Xiaomi POCO X3 GT hands-on evaluation-page 1-Xiaomi discussion forum

Editor’s note: POCO recently launched two new machines in Hong Kong X3 GT and M3 Pro 5GAlthough POCO X3 GT Taiwan has no plans to introduce it, POCO M3 Pro 5G will be available in August. and”ePrice Hong Kong》The POCO X3 GT has also been tested on a real machine recently. The full text is … Read more

An experimental drug could eliminate the flu virus in just one day

A Japanese drug maker has announced that it has developed a pill that can eliminate the flu virus on the first day of administration, amid the worst flu epidemic in the United States in recent years, according to The Wall Street Journal. An advanced study of influenza patients in Japan and the United States found … Read more

Do not call 112 if you want to make complaints! Who will be able to give fines

Gendarmes, police, firefighters and border police can fine those who do not comply with the law banning smoking in all enclosed public spaces on Thursday. The Ministry of Internal Affairs points out that the notifications do not represent an emergency and the number 112 should not be called for such violations. An order of the … Read more

How can you protect your health by occasionally using an electronic cigarette

(P) You don’t have to be a heavy smoker of tobacco, but it is enough to smoke a few cigarettes a day and your health is exposed to such well-known risks. Such as not smoking burnt tobacco and trying use of an electronic cigarette which would be of real use to you for the little … Read more