MISTERFLY refuses reimbursement despite Total Flex insurance – Air transport forum

A EVITER !!!!! We have booked 2 airline tickets for Air France on the Misterfly website. Following an unforeseen event, we have changed the departure dates directly on the AIR website. Again because of a new unforeseen event, we had to cancel one of the tickets. We contact customer service who tells us that we … Read more

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Reopening in 2021 – News and Updates at Walt Disney World Parks – Orlando Stay Up-to-Date Forum

Disney’s Blizzard Beach, one of two water parks at Walt Disney World, reopens on March 7, 2021. It opened on April 1, 1995, so this spring it celebrates its 25th anniversary. There’s no word on when Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon will reopen.

The Telematic Forum identifies improvements in the digitization of the port of Barcelona – El Mercantil

The work of the Telematic Forum of the port of Barcelona during the last months of the pandemic has crystallized with the identification of the good practices implemented to guarantee the correct functioning of the logistics chain, analyze its future viability and improve the processes that present deficiencies to continue increasing the digitization and resilience. … Read more

Adult cat without basic education, what to do? – Forum Educate your cat – European

I think that your cat has especially been in need of interaction whether human or animal. The non-inhibition at the bite often effectively testifies to an early educational weaning or even non-existent.It is a reflex that is hard to erase precisely because it is a reflex and that in addition your cat at 7 years … Read more

SGAF Sharan Galaxy Alhambra S-Max Forum [449792]

In the middle of November, my S-Max had contact from a car of a social station parked in front of our house.The friendly driver informed us immediately and we had exchanged the data.Police were also called in.After a phone call with the opposing insurance company about the amount of damage, I am 10 days later … Read more


Civil Guard portfolio Made of cowhide enpieldeubrique.com Goodnight; I’ve been searching and I couldn’t find this topic, I don’t know if I can put it here or it should go in another subforum. Do you know which entities are giving us better fixed mortgages? Opinions-experiences are appreciated. Thanks in advance

Legal Issues – IDA Ticket to Spain: Barcelona Forum on Tripadvisor

Good morning everyone. I have a great doubt that nobody can explain to me. I am Argentine like my wife. She has Spanish citizenship and I don’t. We process the Family Book, because at the end of the year we are going to live in Barcelona. My question is, if I can travel only with … Read more

POCO Community is now official for everyone: the exclusive forum for the Xiaomi sub-brand – Xiaomi News

Like Xiaomi has Mi Community, POCO has decided to launch its own official community by launching POCO Community. A forum, totally dedicated to the firm’s terminals, which is now available to everyone. In detail, after its existence only aimed at the Indian market, POCI Community becomes official as a forum exclusively aimed at POCO terminals … Read more