Ethiopia’s oldest human fossils appear to be around 30,000 years older than previously thought

Researchers at the Omo Kibish Formation in southwestern Ethiopia in the East African Rift Valley. Al Deino The oldest human fossils in East Africa may be even older than scientists thought. New research indicates that the fossils were buried during a volcanic eruption around 233,000 years ago. The fossils were thought to be less than … Read more

See the amazing fossils of the newly discovered prehistoric rainforest

Well -preserved fossils Macri and his colleagues first learned about the McGrath site in 2017. Once the fossil was so important to them, they went there for three to four days in a row. They opened their hands to the rock like rocks as they tried to peek into the primeval forest. As research progressed, … Read more

The remains of a giant sea monster were discovered when the pond water subsided – dinosaur fossils of this size were found for the first time

Ichtiozaurai were huge sea reptiles, dolphin-like in appearance, only 25 meters long. A 10-meter-long fossil was discovered last February in Rutland Water Park. It is thought to be 180 million years old. The images captured by the plane at the site of the fossil discovery hold promise – the prehistoric marine animal was very large. … Read more

Prehistoric rainforest fossils hidden in rusty rocks in Australia

The central Australian plateau, hundreds of kilometers northwest of Sydney, is today dominated by tall grasses and trees. But scientists recently discovered that some of the region’s rusty rocks hide traces of the lush rainforest that covered the region 15 million years ago during the Miocene era. The region, McGraths Flat, is not Australia’s only … Read more

They discovered one of the largest and best-preserved ichthyosaur fossils in England

The Ichthyosaur specimen, whose skeleton is about 10 meters long and the two-meter-long skull weighs about a ton, according to The Daily Mail, is probably the largest and most complete fossil of its kind ever found in Britain. Discovery at the water tank Joe Davis of the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust charity discovered a … Read more

A “treasure” of new fossils discovered in Australia

A team of paleontologists describes the discovery in Australia of exceptional fossils dating from the Miocene era, including those of trapdoor spiders, giant cicadas, tiny fish and an ancient bird feather. These incredibly well-preserved remains reveal a unique snapshot of a time when rainforests covered the country. The Miocene epoch (23.03 to 5.33 million years … Read more

Fossils of five mammoths discovered along with Neanderthal tools

Mammoths survived longer than previously thought 1:08 (CNN) — The bones of five mammoths were discovered along with Neanderthal stone tools in an excavation near Swindon, providing a revealing glimpse of life in the UK during the Ice Age 200,000 years ago. The well-preserved mammoth remains belonged to two adults, two youngsters and a baby. … Read more

Fossils of Giant Marine Reptiles in the United States Reveals Mysteries of Evolution

JAKARTA – Archaeologist find fossils of giant marine reptiles estimated to be 200 million years old in Nevada, United States. The discovery also reveals new theories about the speed of evolution and how quickly the process can produce diversity. This giant ichthyosaur fossil, which was recently discovered, is quite large, with its skull alone being … Read more

Hilarious, ‘dinosaur embryo’ fossils in eggs link poultry ancestors (clip)

Xinhua news agencyReported on 24 Dec. 19. Results of study of embryo from carcass.dinosaur egg fossilsRare of the International Panel of Paleontologists Provides more evidence to support the idea that modern birds evolved from dinosaurs. The embryo fossils were discovered in a rock in eastern China around 2000 and kept at the Ingliang Stone Natural … Read more