The arrival in France of antibiotic-resistant shigellosis worries the Institut Pasteur

The Institut Pasteur is concerned about the emergence in France of a strain of Shigella sonnei extremely resistant to antibiotics. This new strain is believed to originate in South Asia and preferentially spread among adult men who have sex with men. The bacteriumbacterium Shigella sonnei is responsible for shigellosis, a highly contagious disease usually causing … Read more

50% of children’s photos on porn websites, new law in France punishes parents for posting photos

France has passed a new law guaranteeing better privacy and security for children. Parents will have control over sharing their children’s photos and videos on social media. The new bill itself was passed to ensure privacy for children. The French Assembly passed the bill represented by MP Bruno Studer. Under the new law, courts will … Read more

parents can’t post children photos, parents will be punished if they share photos of children on social media in france

Sharing children’s photos on social media is something most parents do. But France has banned them by law, finding that it affects children’s privacy. A bill has been approved to penalize children sharing photos on social media platforms even if it is the mother or father. MP Bruno Studer, who represented the bill, said that … Read more

rationed water in France and Spain, Argentina lost 40% of crops –

The Alpine glaciers reduced to a minimum, the Po dry as in the height of summer, Lake Garda so low as to make some islets within walking distance: images of Italy beginning already in the spring to deal with a record drought are only a (minimal) part of the problem. The scarcity of water in … Read more

French government must ban fishing now hundreds of dead dolphins wash ashore | Abroad

20 mrt 2023 om 21:20Update: 2 dagen geleden Now that hundreds of dolphins have washed up dead on the French Atlantic coast in a short time, the French government must impose fishing bans. They must protect the animals. The Council of State has ordered the French government to fishing bans set in French parts of … Read more

Live from the universe: France Beaudoin will receive a favorite TV host next Saturday

While on Saturday we were treated to a Francophonie special at Live from the universewe will return to the original program next week with a featured guest. It is none other than Elyse Marquis who will settle on the rotating platform alongside France Beaudoin on March 26th. We can certainly expect to see his talented … Read more

Pension reform in France | The government facing two motions of censure, anger still strong

(Paris) The demonstrations of anger and blockages continue Monday in France, shortly before the vote in the Assembly on two motions of censure targeting the government, vilified for its passage in force on the highly contested pension reform. Updated yesterday at 6:24 Lucie PEYTERMANN and the AFP offices in Paris and in the provinces France … Read more

Ukraine, training in Italy of 20 soldiers from Kiev with the Samp-T: what we know

WHAT WILL ITALY SEND – Italy, reported the premier Giorgia Meloni on the occasion of his visit to the Ukrainian capitalwill also send shorter range and older AA systems, Skyguard Aspide and Spada. However, the Samp-T remains the spearhead, with its Aster 30 missiles, capable of intercepting the target up to 120 km away and … Read more

Al-Jazeera: Emmanuel Macron received funds from Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

French President Emmanuel Macron received Libyan funds to finance his election campaign in 2017. This is revealed by a Russian agent by the name of Maksim Shugaley who for years operated in Libya, where he was imprisoned for espionage during 1 year and a half before being released. Under his guise as a sociologist, Maksim … Read more

Brice Samba, new call to the Blues: “It may seem crazy, but I’ve always believed in it”

In this hotel where he had given us an appointment on Sunday, few of them recognize Brice Samba. Selected for the first time by Didier Deschamps, the Lensois is not yet a star character for the general public. At 28, the former Marseillais, author of a brilliant season, has just experienced the most intense hours … Read more