chapter 108 of francisco the mathematician of June 19, 2022

Marcela assures Chacho that she does not agree with the way he treats Mariana because he is jealous of her as if they were still dating. To revive: Francisco, the mathematician T1 | Chapter 107 | Carmen finds out about Francisco’s love past Francisco tells Chacho that Carmen found out that he was married. On … Read more

What was Margarita Rosa de Francisco like as the presenter of the 24-hour Newscast

Although it had more than two decades on the air and had many of the journalists who are currently highly recognizedsome people are unaware that Margarita Rosa de Francisco passed through the 24-hour Newscast. One of the Colombian television divas who decided not to have children had a step through this newscast when He was … Read more

Former Borneo FC Francisco Torres caught following PSS Sleman’s IG, hard code to replace Wander Luiz?

TRIBUNWOW.COM – Francisco Torres doesn’t seem to be idle long after it’s officially released Borneo FC in the transfer market ahead of Liga 1 2022/2023. Reported, Francisco Torres umbar hard code will be closer to PSS Sleman. The indication emerged after Francisco Torres was caughtfollow PSS Sleman’s official Instagram. Read also: A row of … Read more

Former boxing champion Tyson punches and beats passengers after taking opportunity to harass | Video | Airplane | San Francisco

[The Epoch Times, April 23, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Takasugi compiled and reported) Former US heavyweight boxing championTyson,existSan FranciscoOn a passenger plane at the international airportbeat upA first-class passenger was recorded on a mobile phone by a witnessvideo.Thursday (April 14), USASan FranciscoThe security services announced an investigation into the incident. According to the Associated Press,videoShow, … Read more

Watch a self-driving car ‘run away’ from police in San Francisco

The insurrection of machines, one of the greatest fears of conspiracy theorists, is already here, and it has started with autonomous cars. In Mashable They shared the video in which they appreciate an autonomous vehicle fleeing from a US police force after they repeatedly tried to stop him. In the video we can see a … Read more

Francisco Tinelli told how he lives being “son of” someone as famous as Marcelo Tinelli

always very attached to his family, Francis Tinelli -what a few days ago turned 24 years old– counted how he lives being “son of” someone so famous with Marcelo Tinelli. The young man chatted with his followers through his stories of Instagram and did not turn his back on a person who wanted to know … Read more


The Secretary of Welfare denies deputy Francisco Sánchez. . The coordinator of the Roadrunner Brigade of the State Vaccination Strategy against Covid-19, Noé Martínez Morales, denies deputy Francisco Sánchez Villegas, who published a video in which he assures that today, April 1, children between 5 and 14 years old were vaccinated in Chihuahua. . Martínez … Read more

The truth was known about the desperate complaint of Francisco Benítez, winner of La Voz Argentina Thus, taking advantage of his important arrival thanks to his almost 600 thousand followers from Instagram, Benítez denounced from his stories a false account that used other people’s images to promote himself. “Fake account!! report please”wrote the singer about capturing a profile that claimed to sell pools but using photos from another company. image.png … Read more

Mavericks crashes San Francisco victory after fantastic comeback

The Dallas Mavericks (36/25) team showed incredible character at the National Basketball Association (NBA). Jason Kidd’s students on the move 107:101 (24:37, 24:23, 26:28, 33:13) sang the Golden State Warriors (43/18) club in San Francisco. At the start of the match, the game did not stick to the guests and they were quickly two-digit behind. … Read more