Epic Games Store is giving away 2 free games next week until July 14th.

Epic Games Store announcegameFree giveaway for the 2nd week of July 2022. Around this time, there are two free giveaways.game Including Ancient Enemy and Killing Floor 2, which can be obtained from July 7 – 14 at 10 PM onwards, details are as follows. Ancient Enemy gameRPG card duels in a crumbling world and where … Read more

NASA releases “Super Planet Clash” free celestial game, avoid collision of solar system stars and get high scores | 4Gamers

Operated by NASAdaily chart(Astronomy Picture of the Day; APOD) website recently released a free web game “Super Planet Crash”, which is an interesting game that allows you to simulate the movement of celestial bodies in the solar system and calculate the collision time. The gameplay of “Super Celestial Crash” is quite simple. You can choose … Read more

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is available for free on GOG

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, the challenging 2D action platformer title developed by WayForward, is available for free download on PC through GOG. This installment that first came to Nintendo 3DS offers us a journey in which the protagonist must get his powers back facing dangerous enemies and joining forces with Risky Boots, a bloodthirsty … Read more

Epic Games Store Gives Maneater This Week, Reveals Free Games Next Week

During the last 3 – 4 weeks, it will be noticed that Epic Games Store will be coveredgamethat will have a free giveaway each week becausegamethose aregameBig form and want to surprise the fans, but the latest seems to be back to normal because of Epic Games Store has been revealedgameThat will be given away … Read more

The classic shooting “AQtion” is free to download on Steam, and the “Father of CS” open source module is launched independently | 4Gamers

Before the launch of “Counter-Strike”, “Quake 2” (Quake 2) had a mod that created the prototype of the CS game style of the year, and now this mod has been converted into an open source game program and has been remade It can be downloaded for free on Steam, “AQtion”. “AQtion” itself focuses on the … Read more

Epic Games Gives Big Discounts Of Up To 75%, Let’s Wholesale!

Jakarta – Epic Games again pampering gamers around the world, with an interesting promo titled Epic Mega Sale. Where they offer big discounts that can save fans’ expenses. “Mega discount offers and free games are back again. Mega Sale runs from May 19 to June 16, with discounts of up to 75% on your favorite … Read more

Free games: Epic Games gives away Borderlands 3 and a surprise title will be released in June | video games | EpicGames | Download | Download | SPORT-PLAY

Epic Games It maintains the strategy that has brought it new audiences in recent years. Through its virtual PC store, the company gives away games to the entire community every week. In this way, it seeks to compete against giants in the field such as Steam or G2A. Well, until May 26 you can acquire … Read more

Free Games of the Weekend: Call of Duty Vanguard, Borderlands 3, State of Decay 2 and more

Like every weekend from May 20 to 23 There are a number of promotions available at PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One y PC what are they going to allow us play free, both with zero-cost trials for a limited time, which allow us to access the full versions of certain games without paying, … Read more

The free game “White 200” asks you to choose the correct white from 200 kinds of white, don’t try to challenge the art designer | 4Gamers

Most people know that each color on the computer screen has its own color code, and its format is composed of “#xxxxxx” symbols that most people do not understand. Japanese developer TumoiYorozu may bewant to take revenge on societyOn a whim, I made a free little game that asks you to choose the correct color … Read more

This service allows you to play free retro and indie games alone or with friends

The cloud gaming It is immediately and seamlessly taking shape little by little: an example of this is the introduction last week of Fortnite en Xbox Cloud Gaming. At the same time, the online social game is an increasingly popular activity among regular players and novices. Jam.gg is a new platform that allows play free … Read more