Killed 5 birds with one stone…

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced after the cabinet meeting the previous day. TL incentive package changed the atmosphere in the market and the perception of the citizens at once. Before going into the details of the explanation, let me underline one point… Everyone, after Erdogan’s statements 33 percent value in foreign currency lossHe talks about … Read more

Mercado Libre expands in Chile and acquires payment company Redelcom

Free market (MELI), the largest technology and e-commerce company in Latin America, announced yesterday the acquisition of Redelcom, a Chilean payment systems company. The news was released through a release distributed through Globe Newswire. With the purchase of a firm that has been operating since 2010 as a payment service provider, MELI seeks to further … Read more

Galperin’s Two Favorite Cryptocurrencies: What They Are and Why He Chose Them

The CEO and founder of Mercado Libre, Marcos Galperin, again referred to the cryptocurrencies and surprised with an opinion on the role that crypto assets would play in the Argentine economy. In a virtual event where the company presented its study “Impacts That Matter”, conducted together with Euromonitor International, Galperin analyzed the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies … Read more

Mercado Libre launches the Combo +, which includes Disney + and Star + – El Financiero

The Walt Disney Company announced the arrival of Star, one of the brands that Disney bought to incorporate into its platform of streaming Disney +. According to the statement, this service will cost 199 pesos; Likewise, they announced that there will be a package called Combo +, which will cost 249 pesos and will include … Read more

A 5-cent coin is sold for up to 13 thousand pesos on the internet

Drafting Mexico City / 27.08.2021 15:45:42 These days it is very rare to do a cash transaction with coins denomination less than the peso, as in the case of 5 cents, that most of the time, when we receive them, we keep them in any corner of the house because of their low value; however, … Read more

Mercado Libre launches three own brands: Galperín’s plan to occupy the space that others leave empty

First was the platform e-commerce and then everything related to digital finance, loans included. In the middle appeared the need to take a greater role in the Logistics. And now, in the midst of the crisis of traditional retailers (with Garbarino, Ribeiro Y Musimundo as clear but not unique examples; and also with the withdrawal … Read more

With ads on Facebook looking to steal credit card data –

With ads on Facebook looking to steal credit card data Circulating false promotion of Free Market on Facebook | El Universal El Universal ¡Aguas! Fake ads on Facebook offer cards of Free Market to steal data Cybercrime: ads on Facebook would seek to steal your data, credit card The Fourth Criminals are stealing … Read more