“He was furious that I found out.” Her partner was still friends with his ex

“I understand he wants to help her, but carrying her everywhere, running her errands, makes me anxious. I am simply afraid that their feeling has not faded away, that they still both feel something for each other, especially since they have been together for seven years. Their relationship broke up because they reportedly kept arguing. … Read more

Marta Manowska says goodbye to the hero. “Thanks for your friendship”

Marta Manowska shared some sad information with her fans. At the age of 93, a member of the Gray Ranks, Krzysztof Przelaskowski, pseudonym. “Struś”, who served in the Scout Field Mail at 41 Wilcza Street in Śródmieście. This unpleasant news spread the media on August 1, on the 78th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. His … Read more

The friendship without prejudice between Mónica Naranjo and Ana Bárbara

Ana Bárbara has expressed on more than one occasion the endearing affection that she professes for Mónica Naranjo. (Jaime Nogales/Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images) Not long ago, the Mexican singer Ana Gabriel joked in full concert by asking actress Kate del Castillo, who was in the front row, to marry her as a sign … Read more

Jimin creates a unique version of friendship bracelets for the members (VIDEO)

Jimin I have always revealed that for him, BTS It is more than a simple group that sings and dances towards the public and among the whole world, this time he demonstrated it with a beautiful gesture of his artistic skills, to create a beautiful friendship bracelet that would be the way to belong to … Read more

“Edzia was my friend”. Dagmara Kaźmierska took the floor again

“I did not record how I made fun of Edzia, I recorded how I imitate Edzia, but it was with humor. I would never make fun of Edzia, I never spoke badly about Edzia, because I described Edzia very well in my book, Edzia she was my friend and let her stay that way, because … Read more

N.Bunkė and S.Nainė – about concerts-balls and friendship felt even at a distance | Names

This year is special for the world of Lithuanian music: almost every week, world-class performers appear in the biggest arenas and concert halls of the country and treat music lovers with the most famous hits and impressive shows. The singer Natalija Bunkė and the creator of the brand “NuNu” Simona Nainė are also indifferent to … Read more

Friendship match | Manchester United Thailand Double Red Club 4 eggs donated to the Red Army’s acquisition of Dizhuang may hit the rocks or change to Beridis (22:51) – 20220712 – Sports – Instant News

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“I’ve been with you too long compared to my friendship?” Yoo Jae-suk, who promised to attend Lee Hae-ri’s wedding on ‘You Quiz’, delivered his heartfelt congratulations.

Kang Min-kyung YouTube, tvN ‘You Quiz on the Block’Lee Hae-ri, Yoo Jae-seok. Yoo Jae-suk kept his promise to Lee Hae-ri to attend the wedding. On the 10th, on Davichi Kang Min-kyung’s YouTube channel ‘Gang Ming-kyung’, a scene video of the wedding day of Hae-ri Lee was released. Lee Hae-ri had her private wedding with a … Read more