“Evil Castle 8” has appeared “Thomas Little Train Giant Lady” Mod, only face but scary enough | 4Gamers

“Resident Evil Village” (Resident Evil Village) has extended the experience version time, allowing many players to play the two small plots of “Village” and “Castle” before the game is released. Because of this, this period of time has been Enough for the model reform players to show their talents, everything that should have appeared. As … Read more

[Free]The stickman’s first day at work makes the whole company blood flow, multiple endings can choose to forgive? New work of “Stick It To The Stick Man” is on the shelves

Do you want to find a job? The vast majority of modern people living in the urban jungle have bent their waists with five buckets of rice for life, but as a game character, you don’t need to bend your waist and walk into the company that squeezed you upright and engage in a labor … Read more

“Familiada”. A funny answer to a question about a job. Robert Lewandowski would laugh

In the Saturday episode “Familiady“The teams: Przyjaciółki and Buras Bros. fought for the victory. In the end, three men from the second group were in the final. In the meantime, one of them received a question which he answered in a funny way and unfortunately did not receive any points. What went wrong? “Familiada”. The … Read more

In response to Mohammed bin Salman’s statements … Iran welcomes Saudi Arabia’s “change of tone” towards it

Iran announced, commenting on the recent statements of the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, about it, that it welcomes the Kingdom’s “change of tone” towards it. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said in a statement commenting on Mohammed bin Salman’s statements about relations between the two parties that Iran and Saudi Arabia … Read more

8 Funny edited photos of BLACKPINK being street vendors, hilarious maxi

Brilio.net – Have you ever imagined what if a world famous artist became your neighbor? Or even become a shopkeeper in your housing complex? Maybe it feels a little hard to imagine, but through photo editing with divine skills, you can see famous people like ordinary citizens. For example, a photo of the members BLACKPINK … Read more

The cost of changing the Vitas is equivalent to 6 months’ salary, and the cost of changing the battery equals a monthly salary

Ramah Hamieh wrote in Al-Akhbar: “The high prices of auto parts have increased the concerns of the Lebanese, in a country where the car is considered one of the necessities of life, due to the prevailing consumer culture, first of all, and the absence of a national transport plan and public transportation that dispenses with … Read more

Here is the price and weight of a bundle of bread for this week

The following statement was issued by the Ministry of Economy and Trade: The Ministry of Economy and Trade issued a weekly schedule for the selling price of wheat flour and bread, according to which the price and weight of “white” Lebanese bread was determined in bakeries and stores to the consumer on all Lebanese lands, … Read more

Zac Efron reappears with changes in his face and netizens react with funny memes on social networks USA USA United States nndc | CELEBRITIES

Zac Efron He surprised his thousands of followers around the world with his recent public appearance, where it was evident that the 33-year-old actor underwent cosmetic adjustments on his face. The changes in the face of the protagonist of “High School Musical” could be observed in a virtual event for Earth Day, where other celebrities … Read more