Sonia Rolland: a former Miss France charged for a gift offered by the former leader of Gabon

June 2, 2022 Photo credit, Getty Images image caption, Sonia Rolland French prosecutors say a former Miss France has been charged as part of a lengthy investigation into ill-gotten gains by Gabon’s former president Omar Bongo and his family. Sonia Rolland has been charged with concealment of embezzled public funds for having accepted from him … Read more

“Ill-gotten gains” in Gabon: ex-miss France Sonia Rolland indicted

Sonia Rolland, who was 22 at the time, admitted “obviously having been naive but disputed any infringement”, told AFP her lawyer, Me Charles Morel. According to a close source, the indictment took place on Monday. The investigators had questioned in July 2021 the ex-miss France who became an actress in free hearing at the Central … Read more

Gabon goes to war against measles

#Gabon : The Gabonese government has just launched a national measles vaccination campaign for 5-year-old children and vitamin A supplementation in several provinces of the country. Let’s go for a new prevention campaign against measles, a disease that is experiencing a resurgence after a sharp decline. The operation covers several provinces of Gabon: Estuaire, Haut-Ogooué, … Read more

Mathieu offers 1,000 euros to the one who will find his gray parrot from Gabon escaped from Vaudignies: “It’s my baby”

Mathieu from Vaudignies, in Hainaut, pushed the orange Alert us button. His Gabonese gray parrot, Marley, flew away from his home on April 17. Since then, he has been desperately looking for it… He also promises a nice reward to the person who will bring his pet back to him alive. “1,000 euros reward to … Read more

Antiretrovirals: Dr Obiang Ndong denies any rupture in Gabon |

The Minister of Health, who discussed this week with the heads of associations of people living with HIV (PLHIV), assures that it is rather certain molecules entering into the protocol for the treatment of antiretroviral treatment for HIV and AIDS which currently make defect, but that the treatment continues with other products distributed free of … Read more

Gabon: Gabonese star Arnold Djoud delights his fans with his new “Eye” cake

#Gabon : After a few years of silence, Arnold Djoud returns to the front of the stage with a new album entitled “Eye” and whose content reflects his trademark: originality. Maintenance. In this new musical masterpiece, the artist offers his fans a composition of sounds, drawn from the cultural diversity of Gabon, by associating Africanity, … Read more

Gabon accompanies Morocco.. Ghana bid farewell to the nations of Africa

The Gabon national team accompanied its Moroccan counterpart to the round of 16 in the African Nations Cup, after the end of the last third round of Group C, while the Ghanaian team bid farewell to the tournament. The Gabonese team drew with its Moroccan counterpart 2-2, while the Ghanaian team lost to its Comoros … Read more

African Nations .. Hakimi keeps Morocco in the lead against Gabon

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" At the same time, Ghana ended the tournament with a resounding loss to Comoros 3-2 on Tuesday, in the last third round. In Yaounde, he entered Moroccan national team His confrontation with his Gabonese counterpart, who is a guarantor of his ticket to the final price, is not decisive for … Read more

Morocco takes the lead in Group C against Gabon, while Ghana is eliminated from the first round

Posted in: 18/01/2022 – 22:09 Morocco finished top of Group C in the 2022 African Nations Cup against Gabon, after the two teams tied 2-2 on Tuesday evening in the last round at Ahmed Ahigo Stadium in Yaounde, while Ghana exited in the first round after losing to Comoros 2-3. Morocco finished top of Group … Read more

Official:Aubameyang was sent back due to heart problems and bid farewell to the African Cup ahead of schedule – yqqlm

Original title:Official: Aubameyang was sent back due to heart problems to bid farewell to Africa Cup ahead of schedule Aubameyang was previously selected for the Gabon national team to participate in the African Cup of Nations, but due to the infection of the new crown and subsequent heart problems, the Gabon national team officially announced … Read more