Motorola is now also launching a smartphone with a folding screen: our gadget inspector finds this

Gadget Inspector Motorola’s new RAZR 2022 is an eye-catcher with its clamshell design with foldable screen. We liked to try out the expensive, coquettish flip phone and also looked at what is technically hidden under the beautiful hood. Raoul Putzeys Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 09:00

“Study for the whole life !!” Achieved around Japan, Yutabon’s exclusive note on East Sports Web article also has a sharp comment as “beggar” | Gadget Communication GetNews

Based on 4.87 million yen raised through crowdfunding and an additional investment of 1 million yen, the self-proclaimed boy revolutionary Yuta Bon, who has traveled around Japan in the “Yutabon Study”, and Yuta Nakamura. Yukiya Nakamura from Tabon Papa.On November 15th, Yutabon posted on Twitter A whole life study!! ️ — Shonen revolutionary Yutabon … Read more

How sustainable is Nokia’s most environmentally conscious device really? This is what our Gadget Inspector thinks

Gadget Inspector The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference kicked off this week in Egypt. An ideal reason for Gadget Inspector to try out the new Nokia X30 5G. The smartphone is, according to the manufacturer, its most durable device ever. Raoul Putzeys Saturday, November 12, 2022 at 09:00

Apple Airpods Pro (2nd Generation) Wireless Headphones Review How is it different from Airpods Pro (1st generation), is it worth changing?

Having said that, it is a very successful wireless earphone and many acceptor After the previous version, although the features are very inferior to other competitors, but in the user experience it is equally outstanding. Come back to this new version. Many features are upgraded. For wireless headphones that continue Apple’s success, AirPods Pro (2nd … Read more

CASETiFY launches a brand new BlackPink collection.

“CASETiFY” (Casetify) Global lifestyle brand Developer of mobile phone cases and IT accessories that are popular with young people and celebrities around the world. Announcing the launch of a new collection Collaboration work with ‘BLACKPINK’ (Black Pink), the world-famous Korean girl group, full of ‘BLINKS’ people with many special items in the theme of ‘Bestie … Read more

Masahiro Nakai loses weight due to cancer treatment? Voices of concern that the return to regular programs is ‘cheeky’ and ‘very thin’ | Gadget Communication GetNews

Image: Jiji Press Photo ・”Masahiro Nakai’s Caster Association” broadcast on October 29 (TV Asahi). ・ Viewers are worried about former SMAP member Masahiro Nakai, who was shown on TV during this broadcast. Nakai Masahiro’s regular program appearance also raises concerns from fans “Did you lose weight?” “Masahiro Nakai’s Caster Association” (TV Asahi affiliate) digs deep … Read more

Get rid of the winter depression with this daylight lamp under 50 euros

Maria KorneevaGetty Images The ‘r’ has been in the month for a while, it is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. There is a good chance that you will soon (or maybe already) open your laptop in the morning while it is still pitch dark outside. Not exactly an inspiring atmosphere to work … Read more

This is what our gadget inspector thinks of the new Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: “One of the most beautiful phones I’ve held”

With the Edge 30 Ultra, Motorola wants to claim a place among the best top phones of the moment. For this, the manufacturer offers slick looks and high-performance hardware, as an eye-catcher: a camera with a resolution of … 200 megapixels. Our interest has already been aroused. Raoul Putzeys

Samsung Galaxy: when will the new S Series, A Series, Fold and Flip phones arrive in 2023 | gadget | Mexico | Spain | MX | SPORT-PLAY

The releases of Samsung in mobile telephony they practically paralyze the market. We are about to finish 2022 and many are wondering what the next Galaxy devices will be that the South Korean giant will release in a matter of weeks or months. Let’s do the exercise of predicting the future of Samsung from previous … Read more