48kg even if you gain a lot… Shinji lost 11kg and confirmed her body in a girl group TEN

Photo = Shinji’s Instagram Coyote Shinji shared her recent status with her girl group body. Shinji posted a picture on her Instagram on the 28th with the caption, “I pretended to be pretty this morning…”. In the published photo, Shinji is posing. Shinji’s gorgeously decorated beauty is attracting attention. Shinji arouses envy with her visual, … Read more

It leads to death step by step! It makes you gain weight, accelerates aging, cancer, diabetes, acne formation…

Excessive consumption of sugar has many harmful effects on health. There is a large amount of sugar in processed, ready and packaged products. This sugar makes up a very large part of your daily calorie intake. Experts say that sugar consumption is associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes believes that it is the main … Read more

Eleja’s rugby children’s mother, Sandra Avota, helps everyone gain self-confidence and instills responsibility / Article

In Eleja’s case, rugby is not only a story about sports and a healthy lifestyle, but also about an opportunity for children who are often forgotten in the family. Someone has also taken a rope and gone into the forest to put an early end to life. “Once he went into the forest, took a … Read more

Walid Fayyad: Iran’s oil gift is of strategic importance to implement…

(MENAFNOn Saturday, September 10, Walid Fayyad, the Lebanese Minister of Energy, said that the Iranian oil gift is of strategic importance to implement the government’s plan to raise electricity production in Lebanon. The speech of the Lebanese Minister of Energy came after his meeting with the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon Mojtaba Amani and officials in … Read more

Gold rises with the weakness of the dollar and is heading for a small weekly gain

Gold prices fell Thursday, September 8, while investors awaited the statements of US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and the European Central Bank’s decision on the expected interest rate later today. And gold fell in spot transactions 0.1% to $ 1716.59 an ounce by 06:09 GMT, after rising by about 1% on Wednesday. US contracts … Read more