The Prague Stock Exchange lost for the third week in a row, having already lost more than half of this year’s gains. A representative of PPF is heading to MONETA bank, ERSTE shares in a bear market

The Prague Stock Exchange experienced probably the most volatile week this year. The PX index went from the levels of 1,290 points at the beginning of the week, and thus from a sharp decline, then on the contrary it rose to solid gains to 1,350 points, but ended the week back at 1,290 points. So … Read more

U.S. Dollar Appreciates, Gold Price Closes Dark Weekly and Still Gains Four Straight | Anue tycoon

Due to the strong dollar,gold futuresIt was blacked out on Friday (24th) and failed to break through the $2,000 integer mark. However, amid the continuous turmoil in the banking industry and the sudden jump in the cost of guarantee defaults by Deutsche Bank,gold futuresIt still rose 0.5% this week, and the weekly line rose four … Read more

A capital gains tax could change rates in favor of bank customers

It is not a question of the company’s extraordinary profits, obtained thanks to the company’s own efforts, if the general market conditions have not changed significantly and the increase in profits does not create conditions that do not worsen the financial position of the customers. Sounds like quite a tangled mess, and there would certainly … Read more

“The Gains of Assad and Nasrallah”… An Israeli newspaper comments on the Saudi-Iranian agreement

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz said on Monday that the resumption of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia represents “wonderful news” for two main allies of Tehran in the region, namely Bashar al-Assad and Hezbollah, describing the agreement between Tehran and Riyadh as “dramatic.” The newspaper said, “The Syrian president and Hezbollah are currently studying how … Read more

Will gold’s gains after labor market data be deceiving? Next week holds the answer

It rose strongly to the level of $1865 an ounce after the US labor market data came out worse than expected, the average hourly wages rose by 4.6% on an annual basis, less than expected, and the unemployment rate increased by 0.2% to 3.6%, and negativity clouded the markets despite The addition of non-farm payrolls … Read more

After previous gains, oil is turning lower amid abundant supplies Oil prices fell, on Wednesday, to give up early gains amid signs of abundant supplies and rising US crude stocks, which nullified hopes for higher demand after a strong jump in the manufacturing sector in China, the largest importer of crude in the world. Market sources said, quoting data from the American Petroleum Institute, … Read more

what will she do with her 22,100 euros in earnings?

The RTL weather presenter emerges victorious from the show, with a nice jackpot as a bonus. RTL Belgium/Frédéric Raevens We didn’t give a lot of our skin at the start of the show, as her attitude from the first issue suggested that the other participants would quickly guess that she was one of the traitors. … Read more

Funds and offshore companies exempt from capital gains tax if they sell homes to the State | Housing

The exemption from taxation on capital gains arising from the sale of real estate to the State, one of the measures included in the legislative package launched by the Government to respond to the housing crisis, will apply to any type of owner, with no exceptions. This means that entities such as investment funds or … Read more

the phrase of Jesús Gil in 1993 that now gains relevance

He ‘The Negreira Case’ It does not stop adding protagonists. Some of them appeared even long before the alleged relations between the FC Barcelona and the ex-collegiate One of those luxury guests in the scandal that now points to the Catalan club and the Technical Committee of Referees es Jesus Gil and Gilwho was president … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Gold gains $3 in instant transactions

Friday, February 24, 2023 – 12:03 PM Capitals, February 24 / WAM / Gold prices rose during the day’s trading, and gained more than $3 in spot transactions.And by 10:30 am Emirates time, the yellow metal rose by 0.17%, or the equivalent of $ 3.07, to reach $ 1825.3 an ounce.Gold contracts for April 2023 … Read more